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Minions can still deal damage while you have The Goddess Scorned equipped. Totems and traps are using your skills with your stats, and therefore cannot deal damage - minions are using their own skills with their own stats and are unaffected.
Posting this here so it exists. So far as I'm aware, this list should be up-to-date.

Base Radius of Skills:
Auras (base radius at level 1): 36
Arctic Breath (explosion on impact): Explosion radius is 7, Ice placement radius is 14
Cleave: 20.
Cold Snap: 15
Curses (base radius at level 1): 16
Cyclone: Uses range of weapon, also measures from edge of player rather than centre, like melee attacks:
  • Thrusting One Hand Sword 7
  • Two Hand Axe 7
  • One Hand Sword 6
  • Staff 6
  • Two Hand Mace 6
  • Two Hand Sword 6
  • Dagger 5
  • One Hand Axe 5
  • One Hand Mace 5
  • Claw 5
  • Sceptre 5
  • Unarmed 4
Desecrate: 12
Detonate Dead: 16
Discharge: 30
Enduring Cry: 60
Explosive Arrow (base radius at 1 arrow): 15
Fire Trap: 15
Fireball (explosion on impact): 8
Firestorm: Base radius of storm is 18, radius of individual explosions is 9
Flameblast: 5, +2 per cast
Freeze Mine: 16
Ground Slam: 35
Ice Nova: 30
Ice Shot: Damage code 22, ground ice 8
Infernal Blow: 15
Leap Slam: 15
Lightning Arrow: 16
Lightning Warp: 16
Melee Splash: 14
Molten Shell: 15
Offerings: (range for consuming extra corpses) 20
Poison Arrow (cloud radius): 20
Rain of Arrows: 18
Reave: 12
Righteous Fire: 10
Shock Nova: Outer radius 26, inner 14
Shockwave Totem: 20
Smoke Mine: 10
Storm Call: 14
Sweep: 20
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Character radius is 2
Avelice wrote:
Also, how does radius AOE work for something like ground slam? It's visually hard to tell the shape of these things, so it seems to me Ground slam is more of a cone. Is it that cone that has radius 35? Then does increased AOE just affect the distance and not width?

Ground Slam has a 90° cone with the given radius. Increased AoE will affect the radius of the cone but not the angle.

Avelice wrote:
Also, if I'm to understand this right, Cyclone is the only weapon AOE skill that uses your weapon's range? As such, getting Master of the Arena to increase weapon range wouldn't increase the AOE of something like Cleave at all?

Bonuses to weapon range don't increase the AoE of Cleave, no.
briyip wrote:
1) I wear Daresso's Defiance, and have a CWDT gem linked with Discharge. I currently have Endurance Charges up.
What happens when I get hit past the threshold of CWDT? Will I lose all my Endurance Charges from Daresso's Defiance before my CWDT can trigger Discharge, or the other way around?

In this situation Discharge will be triggered before you lose endurance charges from Daresso's Defiance.

briyip wrote:
2) I have Romira's Banquet and a skill linked with Power Charge on Critical. I hit a Critical Strike, what happens?

In this situation you gain a power charge from PCoC, then immediately lose it to Romira's (effectively doing nothing).
TapDatJass wrote:
Mark's comment on brittle confused me:
Mark_GGG wrote:
crystalwitch wrote:
So is Brittle base crit chance?
No, it's additional crit chance. Base crit chance can only come from weapons or gems.

But since there are no mechanics in the game that affect base or additional crit differently, the question is entirely irrelevant to actual mechanics.

I took this to mean that brittle's different wording implied that the hits got additional critical strike chance, which would be scaled by increased critical strike chance.
That is what my comment meant. However, it was incorrect. Brittle was explicitly intended to work that way, so we described it as such in game and here on the forums, but there was a mistake with the implementation. This is fixed in 3.6.0, alongside some balance changes to Brittle's numbers, which were shown to be necessary once balance testing was done with the correct mechanics.

The way it currently works was a weird nonstandard stat that was made way back in the day for the initial implementation of Assassin's Mark (then called Critical Weakness), which had to work in it's weird way because at the time we didn't have the tech for a stat on an enemy that would affect the stat calculation of your hit. Aul's also used it only because it was intended to replicate some of the effects of the Mark curses matching it's attribute. It was never supposed to be used on Brittle.

In 3.6.0, that old weird stat is finally fully removed in favour of stats (like the correct one for Brittle) which follow the regular stat rules of PoE and will interact correctly with other modifiers. Some uses of that old stat will now grant additional crit chance to hits, while others have been replaced with granting increased crit chance to hits. The new unique flask, as you have noted, is one of the former.
kallixti wrote:
Does this mean that in 3.6.0 Assassin's Mark will no longer let you exceed the 95% crit cap?
Now that the balance manifesto is posted and the information within public, I can say that the answer to this is (technically) no - because there will no longer be a 95% cap to exceed.

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