Did you remove /oos or fix desync?

/oos was removed because:

a) It's bad if you spam it all the time.
b) It griefs other players as a required part of how it works. The customer support consequences were high.
c) The game will always be slightly out of sync as a result of how physics works. This is acceptable as long as we resync much better than we are currently doing. /oos allowed people to have a fight with no apparent sync problems, then type /oos and see that the corpses shift around so they complain about how bad sync is. The whole point of the prediction system we use is to be a little out of sync in order to hide latency.
d) Its removal forces us to improve resyncing code in the near future.

I am sorry if this post is a little aggressive in tone. As Damien mentioned, I'll be posting very detailed specifics about exactly how this all works and how we plan to fix it soon! This has gone up a lot in the priority list now that the servers are behaving better.
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If we don't have good sync improvements in the very near future we'll put a rate limited version of /oos back in.

As I mentioned before I'm writing up an explanation of how the system works, what it's for and what we can improve.
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AsylumExile wrote:
Apologies for the necro'd (whatever it means), I am not a forum person nor know my way around them; I found this thread by googling "Path of Exile Desync Issues". I do not know what the appropriate thread is, as the forums appear a bit too labyrinthine for me.

Regards, and apologies again.

Hey there,

No need to apologize, everyone loves a good necro'd thread ;)

This thread isn't really relevant for information about de-sync or anything though; I'd recommend checking out this thread here instead:

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