[3.13] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner friendly Lightning Caster

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your build! It's my first character in poe and I just love seeing everything explode) Clearing maps feels very rewarding.

However, I'm not quite sure how I can improve my current setup to be more viable at t10+ maps. Up until now I've been using a decoy totem very successfully - just keep an eye on it, make sure it stays up, and spam ark until boss dies. Unfortunately, at higher tiers bosses deal so much damage that the totem dies too quickly, so I end up either spamming the totem, which does not help me in any way, obviously, or running in circles around the boss, which doesn't do anything either. If I stop, I just die.
I will try using a flame totem, but then how do I stay alive during boss fights? Yesterday I had several very close calls fighting a t10 colonnade boss because of his AoE attacks. I only survived because of well-timed add spawns, which I healed off. If a boss does not spawn adds, leech doesn't help much.

It seems to me that this is happening because I have no good crowd control/escape mechanism. I use lightning warp for mobility, and it's just too finicky and unreliable. I died too many times just because I couldn't teleport away in time. I don't have any movement speed, but boots like that are way too expensive. Will try flame dash, but I like the utility of warp as it allows you to jump over cliffs and chasms.

It also seems that immortal call doesn't help me enough to be worth it. I could be wrong, though. It probably helps me not to die in one hit, but what actually happens is that I live for a few more seconds and then die anyway) I often see it proc when I'm clearing mobs (i.e. when I'm not in danger), and in boss fights it just doesn't save me.

I'm going for the 6L lightning coil, which will require me to shuffle resistances on gear. Should I care about chaos res? How much is enough? Also, how much crit chance/multi should I aim for? Currently have 51.47%/390% unbuffed.
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Luckily I can resell the VB for the price I bought it, I guess, since it doesnt seem to change in value much. Itll be interesting to see what Enki will do with the build, but for now I'll be switching to ci bv pathfinder :v
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@790: Hey there! If you struggle to cap res, you could also go with a Cloak of Flame. It's not much worse than LC's mitigation, but easier to chrom. Downside is the missing liferoll.

If that crit chance is before power charges, then you're fine. For crit multi my own baseline is 400%, then stacking other multipliers. Noted this down to include in the next update.

What level is your Decoy Totem? YOu can try linking Minion & Totem Ele Res gem if you can fit it in.
I'll work on a temporary list of map bosses this build can't safely run after i hit 92 in EHC.
Won't go into too much detail about mechanics for each fight, but it should still help to decide if the boss is worth the few alt shards.

@owa: Fair enough, thanks for being around and answering here!

This is actually the first league since BV got implemented where i didn't run a BV build, but i hope you enjoy it while it lasts!
Enki91 wrote:
Thanks to everyone who kept answering while i was busy.

Storm Call is indeed a good boss killer skill, but i wouldn't go as far to say Arc is completely dead based on this. Thanks to all the feedback here and multiple people brainstorming how to improve single target, i can guarantee it will get better with the next version of this build, even if none of the new skills should serve as a good single target for Arc.

I've recently made similar discoveries about rares vs. Void Battery, will reflect that deeper in the new update. Anuhart made a good comment about it in his thread, Void Battery is currently mostly a signature unique for Assassin. Speaking of that, i'm thinking to remove all but the witch version on the next update, so i can go deeper with a total optimization of this build.

hello enki, can you say from now if the changes to the build will affect the gear too or just the passive nodes? :)
as I told before, I'm a new player and I wouldn't risk buying stuff for 40 chaos to have to change it later XD
Sectiplave wrote:
wimpy_tuna wrote:
what did you drop for flame totem?

i definitely think if i had totem i would not hate this build as much on bosses.

Swapped out immortal call for flame totem.

so you cast the flame totem with cast on damage taken?
@Giammafix: Gear will stay the same, just the glove slot will probably switch to either rare or Acuity to gain another life slot. What will change is the gem setup, and to a lesser extent also passives.
Enki91 wrote:
@Giammafix: Gear will stay the same, just the glove slot will probably switch to either rare or Acuity to gain another life slot. What will change is the gem setup, and to a lesser extent also passives.

thanks! I'll post my updated gear later if you can help me checking how I'm doing, as I said before, I'm a new player and this is my first build XD
@Enki91: Well, 6L coil is about 1 exa cheaper, so it's probably easier to buy it and deal with res than to fuse armour yourself) Knowing my luck it will probably take me like 3k fuses or something))

As for the totem, it's level 19 unsupported, I tried running without it, but it feels quite essential to the build, or at least to my playstyle. I must admit I have no idea how to survive anything dangerous without it. Adding supports helps, but fitting everything in is a challenge)
Hi !

First of all, thank you for the work you've done !

I have a question about Vessel of Vinktar... Is it still worth to get one if it's not a legacy one ?
That means :
80-100% increased Charges used
No more "Leech applies instantly during Flask effect"
From 30% to 20% life and mana leeched from lightning damages

Thanking you in advance ! :)
@Kansey: Yeah, new one is still insanely powerful and will keep us alive vs. reflect.

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