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If we use Essence worm
So Clear Mind is a good jewel ?
May be i did not see but there is no mention about that ?
Eywua wrote:
If we use Essence worm
So Clear Mind is a good jewel ?
May be i did not see but there is no mention about that ?

Yeah, that's a good gem.
Especially now, at the start of the league. Rare gems are very expensive.
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Enki, what do you thing about this flask?
1. It gives some mana.
Not enough to refill our mana pool after taking a hit, but well, its some mana.
2. Free Power, Frenzy and Endurance charges.
Huge buff to damage that scales insanely with your build! We already have -20% Flask Charges used from mana flasks, +15% increased Flask Charges gain, +1 mana Flask Charges every 3 second.*
So we can get 1 Power, Frenzy! and Endurance charges for 10 seconds, and than use again in 9 seconds to get 1 more (total of 2) charges for 10 more (total 19) seconds.
*You also pointed Aqueous Accelerant as possible anointment choice.
3. 25% penetration buff at nuking phase!
We have Wave on Conviction linked with CwDT. But normally we don't wanna take a hit from boss, it can kill us. Doedre's Elixir will proc it for free! -25% to enemy resistance, even more dps from one flask! And blind, before we get hitted.
4. That's already gives more dps than any other flask, but:
With some work it might be possible to use flask 3rd time in a row, just by passive charges generation.
We can use it as our main P,F,E charges generation source, and replace Critical Strikes Support in Orb of Storm to gain even more dps.
And replace Armageddon Brand with something more useful, cuz now we can proc our CwDT link on demand. Lets say, second curse?
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Huge damage but resistens don`t cap in PoB. What am I doing wrong?
I gotta say, I liked the Build and it was fluid to level when you hit some key nodes and equip.
I do find the transition to endgame a bit difficult and it feels like I lack tankiness (well it is a fact). Problem is I do not get the feeling that tankiness will improve with less than additional 1k HP.

Just cannot run maps above T3 safely with some mobs just blapping me and I don't no why (effing game needs a combatlog).
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I used to have multiple class choices in the past and it only caused confusion and bloated the guide, so I will not do that again

Amber amulet with benchcrafted strength should be enough.

No need for any supports on Flame Dash. You can start out with Faster Casting, but with all the cast speed later on it feels rather wasted.

Drop Controlled Destruction in a 5L.

It's not the worst, but i've planned the build around all jewels having Life and with Clear Mind you'll miss some of that.

I'll give it a try later, although it ultimately seems not as strong as the other flasks.

No idea. When I import your character in PoB, all elemental resistances are way over their cap.

Few mistakes coming together there:
- elemental resistances aren't capped
- barely any life and mana from gear
- reserving mana in a Mind over Matter build
- gem setup
- flask setup
- Beast Fur Shawl makes you take more damage

I suggest you to reread the entire guide and its sources to better understand the build and why those things lead to your survivability issues.

Currently testing Elemancer instead of Beacon of Ruin in Hardcore. So far it feels pretty good, when comparing numbers it's even similar in damage with Flame Golem and Pendulum damage buff up. It just feels fricking weird to be a summoner but also not be a summoner in a non summoner build.

Thanks for your reply. I am fully aware about the lack of good equipment :-) you either need the currency to get real upgrades or got to find them yourself which means you got to go mapping.

I'm not saying this is a bad build, quite the contrary. I'm saying it is (for my personal taste) harder to transition to the endgame. I'm by no means an expert - just saying.

Edit: To put that into the right context, I do absolutely not regret playing it! But there are "Easy-Starters" like Physical Cyclone Bleed Slayers that are lel to start :-) This one is a little more demanding (yet again INSANELY FUN! ^^).
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I'm newbie-ish (played up to act 3 as a ranger, then got stuck), but this is easily the best guide I've seen. Lots of your generic advice is new to me, so really helpful.

I'll follow your guide soon as a witch just because it's so good, but after my ranger intro I'd like first to go in the opposite direction with a tank/melee character. Do you know of any guides out there that are as helpful as yours?

Thanks again!

Don't worry, didn't take your comment in a negative way and hope you didn't with mine aswell, was just trying to get you into the right direction.

The difficulty is partially intended and partially down to the current game balance. Elementalist is currently the worst Ascendancy in comparison, and we already take all other available defensive layers that can be reliable gained/stacked. And for the intended aspect, I just think people learn more about the game mechanics when they actually have to encounter and play around them.

Gearing may seem tricky and intimidating, but once you understand the basics it gets easy. It's laid out in my Gear Section and the Gear Buying Tutorial, but to give another small hint - Crafting Bench. You can save a lot by buying gear and craft a missing stat instead of having all of them on there already, and it's a useful skill to be able to identify if something has an open slot for the targeted affix open.

Hank the tank seems pretty good, also can't leave Sovyn's Lazy Pally unmentioned which has been a solid melee starter for years.
How do you handle sockets guys?

As we need 3 red for Immortall call setup, you put it into weapon? Pretty ahrd to get caster wepon with 3 Reds :(

I just started mapping, changed the setup of gems to the proper one, and i have no space to put immortal at ;/ while i know that this can save life (specially vs those nasty spike-exploding mobs)

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