anyone else play grim dawn?

torturo wrote:
And there comes...true movement skills!

I didn't think we'd ever get move skills for GD and I'm very happy we will.

One of the things I liked best about my Blademaster was quick movement. If I can do that with all characters then GD seems likely to receive more of my time, once again.
Critical skills for an emperor include military expertise, diplomacy, and judgment about justice / economy. Skill at running trap gauntlets is about as helpful for an emperor as race car driving skills are for a pediatrician.

Lore for lab takes dumb job interview questions to a whole new level.
鬼殺し wrote:
So I gave GD another crack from scratch the other day as part of a larger experiment regarding the 'feel' of dual-wielding in ARPGs (which I may or may not post about) and I have to say, that game is WAY easier than Titan Quest in the first act. I was level 15 before I knew it, almost never used a potion and was weed-whacking with two swords as a Blademaster no problems. In contrast, Titan Quest forces you to drink a LOT of potions, doesn't exactly throw good loot at you and can leave you underleveled if you don't grind a bit even as early as Nessus in the Spartan Encampment area. Took me ages just to get to level 10 and I almost died several times. At level 14 I'm still just a warrior because I have no points to spare multi-classing. It's just...really hard.

I wonder if this is a general trend in ARPGs now -- even PoE has gotten a lot easier in the earlier stages than it used to be in Closed Beta.

Solid ARPGS are easy on normal and hard on last difficulty. Take D2.
Also the average gamers buy the game once and finish it for "the story".

I lost 5-6 level 100s in Grim Dawn HC in the last 6 months
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2nd expansion sneak peeks look really something! I bought Grim Dawn 14.1.2015 but still havent finished even act 1.

Dont get me wrong. Grim Dawn feels and looks really good! Its just that Path of Exile always seem to get most/all my attention and time in aRPG games.

But some day I will at least finish all the acts!
Finally went and fucked around in Ashes of Malmouth, and boy this swamp is big ain't it. God dang. I get it, it's a swamp there's poison and plants and beasts oh you want me to find three specific Wendigo "in the swamp" fuck my life. I don't want to swim around in this place anymore.

Finally got the Fetish after what feels like two hours with zero quest progress, and by that time I'd already completed the three follow-up quests apparently. They're all located between the Coven and Barrowholm after all. Uh. Hmm. That pacing doesn't seem quite right to me.

It's a weird trip, all in all. At least it's really pretty!

EDIT: murdered the pants off the big Chthonian boy at Void's Edge no problem, and his death throes one-shot me. Great, now I get to wander from the riftgate up to the altar and through the entire zone again, because I didn't feel remotely threatened by anything.
EDIT2: Oh, I guess they anticipated this outcome! A riftgate opens up at the altar to the boss room.
(late edit for a nasty lookin' typo)
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Vipermagi wrote:
and boy this swamp is big ain't it. God dang.

Ya think? I got lost in there for the equivalent of 2 game days. I get lost in games all the time though. At least I don't in RL. Cold comfort.
Wraeclast: Where no one smokes but everyone dies.
Ywah got bored after first walkthrought. Tried Malamut thingi but got bored.

Personally i think Van Hellsing is much better.
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Crate Dev revealed earlier today the next mastery that will arrive in the Forgotten Gods expansion, and it is the Oathkeeper, which is suppose to revolve around shields I think. That will make it the 9th mastery added to the game, so more build combo possibilities.

Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

PLayed over 1600 Hours Grim Dawn and Still love it
Found an interesting image (over from GD's website) that will give us a guide to Forgotten Gods expansion.

You will like this

Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

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huh looks bigger than ashes for sure
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