anyone else play grim dawn?

I'm glad you posted this. I saw the update while I was working today. I will also try out the new dungeon. :)

Edited to add: new dungeon is hard.

There is a "vendor" who is a vine called Vineinton (sp?) Boss gave me a heart attack!
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source:Grim Misadventure #133

A thread was already made about this, but I want to keep this thread going, so here it is. Supposedly will come out later this year (2nd half of 2018), but I will see it as Q4 2018 release.
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- raics, 06.08.2016

I was really excited for AoM, bought it, then... leveled my Necro up to 40-something. I dunno, just kinda forgot about it. If the next expansion seems good it’ll definitely help me get back into it! It’s a bit like D3; I enjoyed my time with it, I just don’t feel the urge to go back to it atm.

I do wish the team at Crate nothing but the best. Would you say this and the XB1 port are to get some more money to pave the way for a Grim Dawn 2 with a newer engine?

Any particularly fun builds you’d recommend for a deserter who is considering a return? :P
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I play it when I get finished with PoE leagues. Excited about the ep!
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Hell yes. I can't wait for the next expansion. Got my Blademaster to level 92 and I have picked up a few legendary weapons.

So far I have been chilling fighting in the crucible over and over developing new tricks to engage mobs and bosses.

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THE EAGLES!!! (bleeds out from a wound to the gut because his armor and evasion both failed...again)
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That was me who posed for the artwork.
So I gave GD another crack from scratch the other day as part of a larger experiment regarding the 'feel' of dual-wielding in ARPGs (which I may or may not post about) and I have to say, that game is WAY easier than Titan Quest in the first act. I was level 15 before I knew it, almost never used a potion and was weed-whacking with two swords as a Blademaster no problems. In contrast, Titan Quest forces you to drink a LOT of potions, doesn't exactly throw good loot at you and can leave you underleveled if you don't grind a bit even as early as Nessus in the Spartan Encampment area. Took me ages just to get to level 10 and I almost died several times. At level 14 I'm still just a warrior because I have no points to spare multi-classing. It's just...really hard.

I wonder if this is a general trend in ARPGs now -- even PoE has gotten a lot easier in the earlier stages than it used to be in Closed Beta.
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More sneak peeks of the 2nd expansion for Grim Dawn

Here it is

source:Grim Misadventure #136 - Enter the Korvan Plateau

Grim Dawn is also getting another free content (patch in the coming weeks, so expect more things from this game. :P
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

Looks great! Can't wait for it.
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And there comes...true movement skills!

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