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anyone else play grim dawn?

Looks like I'll have to go back to GD and take a look at the new content! Nice! soon as I beat the Darkest Dungeon ;-)
...and stay dead!
Been a while since the last Grim Misadventure update was posted, and Crate still has some plans with the game after the expansion besides the 4th roguelike dungeon (which will come out next year).

The next patch ( is like 2 weeks away which will contain balance changes and bugfix. On top of that, Zantai mentioned that this patch will also include improved casting behavior and enhanced controller support.

The rest of the post is here.

I am glad that Crate are improving on the casting behavior since that was one of things I been waiting on for Grim Dawn improve for years. Always felt casting was clunky and required you to get close to the target to cast and this patch looks like will fix/improve those issues. :)
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Finally finished the AoM content the other day. I liked it and it was a big EP despite some complaints I have seen, I thought it was worth the money.

I did notice a bit of an imbalance but they may patch it later. Sort of like PoE before these new acts. Act 4 was too hard compared to cruel or merc act 1, remember? Same thing with AoM.

Still like it very much and it really adds to the game. They did a good job on the houses in Malmouth.
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took some time off being repeatedly one-shot by the final boss on Ultimate, to listen to the soundtrack.
it's amazing.

here's a sample (Act 5 boss):

even at level 95 he's one scary fucker.
the music captures that perfectly.

actually, all Chthonians are.
could be my low Chaos res - but they hit harder than ever.
and their new Nemesis is just pure insanity.
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im thinking ill pick up the xpack and give grim dawn another go

"oh I forgot that moves me to fucking standard"

-classic line
Patch notes from hell, boys!
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