anyone else play grim dawn?

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GD will have necro earlier than D3.

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Wow. Not been keeping up lately with GD news so to me this is all new.
Wraeclast: Where no one smokes but everyone dies.
torturo wrote:
GD will have necro earlier than D3.


Well, since you did the honor of bumping the thread for this latest news......



Edit: I wonder if this somehow reaches the D3 forums about Grim Dawn also getting a Necromancer as part of the package deal with Inquisitor and an entire expansion altogether. lol

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that concept art is so freakin cool
Better than the bullshit art Blizzard offered. God, I can't believe how stupidly robust the d3 necro looks.
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鬼殺し wrote:
Better than the bullshit art Blizzard offered. God, I can't believe how stupidly robust the d3 necro looks.

i just saw it, jesus, it looks like its been done by a mediocre artist from deviantart

i never understood why d3 went with the mmorpg artstyle, everything looks so wobbly and cartoonish, with gigantic weapons and ridiculous skill effects it genuinely looks like one of those bad asian mmorpg games you see adverstised everywhere.. why didnt they keep the gritty realistic look of d1 and d2, even now, 15 years later, d2 still looks better than d3..
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I considered installing and playing through Grim Dawn again .. just not going to happen regardless of how good the game is overall.Not interested in the setting,can't immerse myself in GDs world.

POE is the only game of it's type I have installed currently and when it comes off my SSD for whatever reason (likely with closure the final acts bring) then that's the end of my ARPG days I'm afraid ... no longer motivated for this genre or feel a part of it's community... at all,

Same goes for JRPGs,lost all interest.I'll be buying FF7 remake for my collection but doubt I'll actually be playing it.No loss I suppose,it's not like I've finished a FF since Final Fantasy 10. rofl

Guess the Souls series is also on my list of *finished with*.At least I have a sense of closure with Darksouls lore and Mass Effects story was finished with ME3 for myself,so it's in the bag as well.
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Im pretty impressed with crate. they slogged along with GD for a while to the point I thought they were just putting out the game and then forgetting (figuratively) about it. But they keep releasing content and updates, which is great.
I love the fantasy of the Necro class, and if there's one criticism I'd aim at Path of Exile, it's that the game doesn't do a great job of delivering on the fantasy of the ascendancy classes.

I was actually going to buy the Diablo III Necro + Random Cosmetics Nobody Asked For BS pack that Blizz will probably try charging €30 for - thanks Blizz - but I saw Crate tweet about this and realised just how much more I enjoy Grim Dawn than I do D3. I'd rather listen to nails on a blackboard than do another rift. The GD Necro won't be perfect for me, but it's definitely preferable to D3's. Did anyone here play the original Guild Wars? Now that was a Necromancer...

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