anyone else play grim dawn?

Just earlier today, Zantai created a thread relating to the news on the development of the expansion and along with a FAQ.


Expansion FAQ

How much will the expansion cost?
We are not yet ready to announce the pricing. The expansion continues to grow both in scope and content as we work on it. As with the base game, you can be certain that it will be an excellent bargain for the amount of content offered.

When is the expansion coming?
The expansion is a massive undertaking for our small team, but we currently estimate its release to be in Q1/Q2 of 2017.

Will there be new masteries?
Yes! Two in fact, which nearly doubles the total number of class combinations! We already announced the esteemed Inquisitor in December. What is the second mastery? It is a mystery...

Will there be a new chapter of the story?
Absolutely! We are preparing a massive new chapter of Grim Dawn's ongoing tale of the vestiges of humanity struggling against their conquerors. With the Aetherial threat still looming, you will travel to many new locations alongside Inquisitor Creed and the Black Legion. With new locations come many new foes, dungeons and factions.

Will there be an increased Level cap?
Yes. You can look forward to another 15 levels as the level cap is increased to 100. This also means hundreds of powerful new items.

Will there be an increased Devotion cap?
Yes, though we are still discussing the final value. However, you can also look forward to 14 new Constellations.


Just quoting this part, if it is missed out in the next page.

Another Grim Misadventures and this one happens to be about a new type of NPC called Illusionist and for the most part, it looks this NPC will focus on transmog?


There is more info in this link about the new NPC.
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Can some kind soul link to a build I can use in this game? My builds suck so bad in GD I think my vaccum cleaner is running itself!
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Have you checked the skills & builds section, compendiums included?

Or tell what type of character you want to play.
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Yes I have but I need one that isn't too gear dependent since I find crap.
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Melee Warder can get by with pretty garbage gear to be honest. Later on there are faction vendors that sell specifically rolled items, and you can run end game content with a Warder using exclusively faction vendor gear. You won't beat Gladiator crucible 150 waves with faction vendor gear, but for anything else you're fine. They nerfed falcon swoop a few patches back, and that was a serious hit to melee Warder's DPS. So I'm not sure how good they are now. But there are some other devotion options like Targo's Hammer (think D2 hammerdin), but that procs on block, so you'd want to go sword & board warder, instead of 2h warder for that.

Pet builds can also be good with junk gear.
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Thanks. I will have re-roll and don't know when I will have time especially with new league coming next week.
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Also, Saboteur is really strong also. Unless it's been nerfed recently. They can run with mostly faction gear. Some of the faction gear is actually BiS. There was a guy named Jaja who posted a Saboteur build, and I think his was the best. He beat Ultimate Mogdrogen solo with it. Very few builds can beat Ultimate Mog, and the ones that can usually take 20-30 minutes. He's even more OP comparatively than Shaper or Uber Atziri is in this game.
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I haven't played in awhile and need a refesher (will have to look at some vids) before I much up another character. I think I have a saboteur. How do you get faction gear? If it's what I think it is, the stuff I've seen is not all that great.
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Grim Dawn turned 1 year old since its full release and Crate is commemorating this event with a 50% off on both the digital version (12.50USD off from 24.99USD) and the loyalist version (32.49USD off from 64.99USD) in their website (in the buy now section).
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

is Grim Dawn good? is it deep and hardcore or very simple... how would you describe it?

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