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Fatlandthere wrote:
hi, can you fix big free space at the top of the page.
only poe.trade have it, with currency.poe.trade all good.

opera, chrome, internet explorer show same.

Dude this has been driving me insane. I had to ask all of my friends if they have that blank space too. It's so annoying.
Hi, the browser notifications dont work for me.

I'm using Firefox, notifications are enabled for poe.trade in the options, I tried disabling all extensions/addons but nothing worked so far. I tried it with chrome but it didnt work either, though it seems that chrome only displays notifications from 'safe' https websites!?

Any suggestions what I can try to make notifications work in Firefox?
Not sure if I'm just missing something, but is there any way to search for items with an "or" for the mods.

Like if I'm looking up Aul's and want either Wrath or Haste Aura reserves no mana. Would like to be able to search for both.
you search for both mods but instead of 'and' you use 'count' '1'
xVypar wrote:
I started this game recently and want to start selling items now via acquisition. I followed the guide but I get no reply on my message for my trade URL. Is there a way to get it else where?

same issue there. cannot get the url because poexyzis doesnt reply
Can we report price fixers, or are they generally ignored? There is this one guy in particular that is trying to price fix almost everything.
I proclaim myself a PoEtheist - RNGesus doesn't exist!
PPS. Synthesis is meh.
I can't get the link either because the bot won't reply.
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What is the best way to refresh the items you want to sell?

I unpublic marked most of my tabs and am going to wait a few days before making them public again, is that good enough?

Thanks for any help.

Seems the bot hasn't been replying for a month to PM's now. This leaves anyone not currently actively trading unable to get their online status set...
My currency from my currency tab does not show up on currency.poe.trade ??

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