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Is it still possible to get yellow nickname on site?
I was trying to farm Jun for my es Chest (quality and int craft hype). When i realized that its not possible to search for: "You will find Jun and complete her Mission" while that is available for the other 4 masters. Please add
Would it be possible to have searches open in a new tab? A marketplace site for another game I play has this feature, and it is great when you're making changes to a search or trying to narrow a search down, especially since this site seems to drop some of the mods when you go back to the search page.
Bug report:

When I was searching for the jewel Apparitions Viridian Jewel one of the suggested items when I had typed in "app" in the name box there is a choice of "SHOULD NOT APPEAR" in the list. Every other setting is default.
Advertising RMT service on the main page of PoE trade?
Don't you think that it's kinda wrong?
Hope you'll get rid of it soon, wtf its so unapropriate
New Feature to add:

A new search function that checks for item roll values as % of their maximum values. For example, the belt below has 4 modifiers that have variable values (Strength [25-35], Increased Global Physical Damage [15-25 %], Maximum Life [30-40], and All Elemental Resistances [10-15 %]).

Using this belt, we can calculate its "Perfection percentage":

1. Variable 1 (Strength):

Var(0) = (Value - Minimum)/(Maximum - Minimum) = (30-25)/(35-25) = 0.5

2. Variable 2 (Increased Global Physical Damage):

Var(1) = (Value - Minimum)/(Maximum - Minimum) = (25-15)/(25-15) = 1

3. Variable 3 (Maximum Life):

Var(2) = (Value - Minimum)/(Maximum - Minimum) = (37-30)/(40-30) = 0.7

4. Variable 4 (All Elemental Resistances):

Var(3) = (Value - Minimum)/(Maximum - Minimum) = (13-10)/(15-10) = 0.6

Thus its "Perfection percentage" value would be:

"Perfection percentage" = sum(Var)/length(Var) * 100% = 70%

Then users can input a minimum/maximum "Perfection percentage" value when searching for items.

One thing to note is that this function already uses the tools available, we can arrive at the same result by creating an AND filter group, adding the mods, then adding a minimum/maximum value. The "Perfection percentage" will automatically do all that with possible other filters on.

For example, a Chaos Inoculation build that uses belt of the deceiver does not necessarily need maximum life, so the user sets a "Perfection percentage" minimum value of 90% and specify to not include maximum life mod in the calculation. The system would then calculate the "Perfection percentage" value of only three variables instead of four.
I guess, I found a bug. A text says in the search bar 'SHOULD NOT APPEAR'
Here is a screenshot
Can we put "Add this mod to filter" buttons please?
I don't know if it was suggested or not, but a "Close Shop" and "Open Shop" Buttons in the "Manage your shop" section would be really cool. I set my currency tab to public and put up ratios of stuff... people trade and everything. Once I just want to go play the game and put my currency tab to not be public anymore, people still see me there and still spam the living S*** out of me.

Or maybe there is a way to not show or something that I'm not aware of, please pm me on the website to let me know if there is a way and I'm not aware of it.
items do not show, and online status don't work in poe.trade with aquisition, it only works on official trade site.
the probleme is that official trade site is wayyy under used compared to poe.trade , so i don't sell anything ...

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