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Can u add total %x increased movement speed? Because it does not show boots with crafted movement speed, you have to search crafted instead of regular movement speed.
feature request:

when live searching, a option to pop tab to foreground (with a warning for hardcore players so that don't put it on top of their game and die from it)
npavcec wrote:
Often time when you browse the market you want to add a offline person to your friend list and copy-paste a whisper. The whisper string is too long in 99% of the cases.

I'd like to kindly request a button which would fill the clipboard with condensed information suitable for pasting in the friend desctiption. Name it "short whisper" or just SW - not really important, as long it exists.


@LembarBestiary Hi, I would like to buy your Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil listed for 5 chaos in Bestiary (stash tab "10"; position: left 12, top 9)

Short Whisper:
@LembarBestiary Hi, I'd like to buy Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil listed @ 5 chaos. Bestiary. (tab "10"; position: 12-9)

WTB Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil @5chaos B, T10P(12,9)
Small bug report:

The map mod "Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield" cannot be searched. "Players have no Life or Mana Regeneration" exists instead, which is not currently rollable. It would be useful to be able to search by the current version of this mod (or, more to the point, NOT for the mod), since for many builds it is not possible to run.

Edit: "Players have #% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield" is in a similar situation. Likely several other map mods as well.

Thanks for all the work on the site, it is very helpful!
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Feature Request:

An option to search for open prefix or suffix, perhaps with a box (like sockets and link, etc.) so you can search for an item with 2 open suffixes, or 1 suffix and 1 prefix, as an example. (p.s. it should ignore crafted stats as those count as open)

Feature Request:

Some people already might have mentioned.
It would be nice if we could choose the "type" of weapons more specifically.
What I mean is that, there are situations where we look for high spell dmg, but we don't want wands. Because wands cannnot use a shield charge or a whirling blade gem. Or a Sceptre, cannot use a whirling blade gem.
Bug report:

For the past couple of days, I've had multiple players contact me to purchase a "Perandus Blazon" that's supposed to be in my stash tab "11" in Bestiary Hardcore. Problem is: I don't have any listed in my stash 11, and the one Perandus Blazon I own is in my tab "Uniques 3" at a different spot, and that tab isn't even public (I even tried to set it to public and "do not index" the belt in question). When I search the website, I don't even see my name pop up, so idk if my contact info is being displayed for somebody else's item, or what the story is, but please find a way to stop people constantly showering me with offers for an item I don't have listed :)

Please add a search form at the bottom of the page too so when people are searching and scrolling down to the bottom to see the last item, they can search for something else quicker instead of having to scroll all the way to the top again. Either that or add a button at the bottom that says "Back to the top" to bring the page all the way back to the search form. Thank you!
There's a bug in the search. For Watcher's Eye if it has: Damage penetrates #% Fire Resistance while affected by Anger. It then has 2 identical pickable Options, one is working the other isn't.
there is two items with the name "Rebirth" one is a sealed prophecy, the other is a div card. the site picks the sealed prophecy. Unsure how to search for the card.

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