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Please make Filter Option to remove seller who have no stock or AFK (currency.poe.trade)
pm me good country song
Need option for Shaped Belfry in currency section
I have a spreadsheet with my stat weights in it. Is there some way I can update the search page with a script or something? Note: I'm not a pro-coder like you ;)

Just a heads up, with the change to the atlas in this most recent patch I have noticed that in the currency side of portion of the website there is no option to search for Shaped Bazaar map,
Since yesterday there is always a listed "Tablua Rasa" for 9c from my Tab called "Sell" in Abyss-Hardcore League but this Stash Tab is empty and i even delisted it from selling. Even after doing this the Item is still listed on Poe-Trade. Can u pls help me with that cause i get a few replys for it but i cant sell what i dont have. Can u pls delete the Tabula Rasa that is listed by my Account.
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Hello i have a problem with map stash tab and currency.poe.trade. I have explained it all on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/7rb1pw/quick_question_about_map_stash_tab_and/

heres what happens basically: I want to sell my maps in bulk and i have the map stash tab. When i put a price on the maps to sell, i can see them on the item version(poe.trade) but they don't show on the currency version(currency.poe.trade) however, my maps are visible on ggg's trade website(people can see how many maps i have and can buy in bulk)

am i banned or something?


I have fixed it by setting a price on a single map instead of selecting 'Set exact price on all items'. This setting worked fine on ggg.trade but didn't on poe.trade maybe its a bug or its inteded idk
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This new "fixed price" sticker is nice, but it would be more readable if it was shown after the price and not before : so that when you check all the prices in a list of items, they are still on the same "column" or horizontal position.
It would be nice if you could implement all the new shaped maps version like Shaped Haunted Mansion or Shaped Infested Valley. Maybe shaped versions should be implemented in new tab to distinguish between normal maps and shaped and not have an inmense list.

Thank you very much for reading and using your time to create this nice service!
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Any way to have Chaos resist appear under "total mods" like it does for all the elemental resists? It makes it hard to find high chaos resist rings since it doesn't combine the implicit and explicit chaos resist into one value.
Haven't played or used your wonderful tool for some time, but in the last few days I very often get the "Autentication required" and resulting error 401 when looking for some items in Standard. I have a feeling I get it when my search criteria is very specific.

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