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My live search can't work since I arrived in Bangkok, is there any port I have to allow for the web socket to work? It says disconnect straight away, and tries to reconnect but does not. It was working fine on my previous trip here.
I have an item that is stuck in POE trade - it's no longer listed anywhere on the forums and I've updated the price in acquisition. I tried updating the shop, moving the item, etc. all to no avail. Any advice on what to do next?
please revert how items are shown as before, or there should be 3 times more items per page compared to now, these box are too big.

also the date when an item was put for sale is important, it helps to understand which items have a fake price and which not

for example twice enchanted prophecy goes for 9-10chaos, there is one at 5chaos with 3months old date, obviosuly fake, so we can avoid these fake sales

edit: guildy said someway i opened the mobile version, i dont know what happened :p and dont know how to fix it

deleted cookies and works again fine
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Thanks for making this amazing website! I also wanted to say that the warning message when buying Perandus Coins is very good, probably saved me and a lot of other people from a few scams. Thanks for that warning.
Hi, not sure if it has already been suggested in this extensive thread but, if possible could some filtering be added to the search for leaguestone mods please?

There are a lot of mods total, so i could understand if it's more effort than it's worth for a temp league item.
Legacy SC league Currency prices and quantities updating painfully slow.
i could not manage my shop.
I already got the shop-link.

nothing happend after i copy it into the field....

need help pls
Hi, I am using acquisition and my items arent shown on poe.trade

I got an answer from acquisition developer to write here


What can I do to fix that ? Help please
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Your exact situation is described in the first post of this thread.
Completed 9 Challengesxyz wrote:
Your exact situation is described in the first post of this thread.

what you mean?

i need help i cant sell my items or trade stuff...
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