Looking for a good Lightning Arrow build, explained for newbies.

Hey there, I'm new to PoE and I always enjoyed range classes. For this reason I want to play a Ranger in PoE and some friends who are already playing told me, LA is a very strong skill. I then played around with the skill and I like it so far, and I would greatly appreciate a build thats building around Lightning Arrow. I've read a lot of threads in the last week and there are many good builds in them, though every single one has some points that I dont like. I cant exchange these points with some that I like due to my low level and understanding of the game mechanics. I'm tired of searching more threads because I don't really know what exactly I am looking for, maybe I have found answers already which I just didn't knew back then...

Some info about my current char:
My Ranger just hit lvl 27, enjoying Lightning Arrow and Rain of Arrows a lot due to their high aoe dmg. The passive skills are probably a total failure since I didn't know this game isn't all about facerolling and glasscannons, rather being quite tanky. If requested I will post my build I went with and we can see if we can rescue it or if I would have to reroll. On my level that would only take a few days anyway.
I just dropped an orange amulet, no idea if its actually good or rather bad, for me it's been a huge upgrade though.

I enjoy killing stuff fast, but I don't want to be a glasscannon. I don't want to be a tank that takes an eternity per mob. Something that survives but still kills and farms on enjoyable speed :)
I would also greatly appreciate some tipps on which gems I pick for the quest rewards and the bandit quest(s), what kind of equipment I should look for and any other stuff I should be careful with. Please don't use too many shortcuts or atleast explain them, cause I probably don't know most of them.

I really hope you guys can help me, and please excuse me for my rather bad english


a Ranger fan

PS: As I mentioned I enjoy Rain of Arrows as much as Lightning Arrow. In normal difficulty Rain of Arrows is a little bit faster at killing stuff because my LA does not hit that many targets (yet). So if there is a build around RoA, I would appreciate pro's and con's of both builds or your opninion on which works better later.
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Read these, the first of which is very well-known.


Also, search these forums. There are a lot of resources.
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Thanks mate! I took a (I guess its the 4th) look at Petrov's build and I might use it. There are still some questions to be pointed out and I'll contact him.

More tipps are always appreciated!!

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