Zombie gem stack

Can you stack a melee physical damage gem ontop of a raise zombies gem to added damage?
dont think it will work, it would make "minion dmg" gem useless
find out by linking them together and seeing if the gem mini icon pops up on the skill when you mosue over it!
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I think you can; you might also be able to use added fire damage (which adds a percent of physical damage as fire) so since the minions do physical damage, it should also add the fire damage.
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find out by linking them together and seeing if the gem mini icon pops up on the skill when you mosue over it!

Ya the melee damage has been added so it looks like you can do stuff like that
You can add perfectly chaos damage, lightning damage, melee physical damage or even faster attacks to your zombies.
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Minions can op if done right but i think they might nerf this later
I planning to add lightning and melee damage support gem to my zombies on top of minion hp and damage and faster attack speed.

But 6 linked items is just hard to get!!
you can also add critical of both kind to minions
Lavalamps are awesome
The reason why minon damage doesnt make melee physical obsolete and vice verse is because minion damage adds 45% damage while melee physical only adds 30% at level 1. also minion damage increase all damage the minion does. not just physical, it'll also increase minion instability as well. but minion gem is only for minions and no one else.

on that note, all melee weapon supports will work on zombies, skeletons, and melee specters.

and ranged specters also benefit from projectile supports.

my build I was thinking of doing zombies + specters + minion life + minion damage + culling strike + faster attack

assuming I get a 6L 4blue, 1 red, 1 green chest piece. :P

but if I pull this off, i'll have faster attacking zombie/specters who have decent amount of hp, and good damage, and will also kill enemies instantly when they're at 10% hp regardless of how tanky they are. plus culling strike also improves their physical attack slightly as well.
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