Zana Daily fail doesn't register, ref number 130587725

Managed to fail Zana's daily (kill corrupted boss) thanks to an overtuned Merveil, but it didn't register and now Zana is stuck in Crumbled Laboratory.

EDIT Is there some kind of a timer, since she came back some time later even though before that even relogging didn't help? Or maybe it was just a severly delayed fail register.
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Similar issue: Zana's daily was to complete another Master's mission. Entered Shore map, which included the mods for Sea Witches and Fractured, always a fun-fest.

After a billion kills, found the Master in the map (Elreon), and decided since he was likely to give me a "defend the relic" mission, I should take my loot back to the vendor and pick up my Vaal Detonate Dead gem. Portalled back to hideout and sold loot, picked up and slotted VDD gem.

Entered the portal to the Crumbled Lab, then clicked on one f the five remaining Shore portals. I entered the map for a brief moment (I could see character where the portal should have taken me), then the instance crashed, probably trying to load in all the dead bodies on the ground. The game dumped me back to the log-in screen.

I reselected my character, entered the hideout, took the Zana portal to the Crumbled Lab, then tried to re-enter each of the four remaining Shore portals. Every time, I got the "failed to join instance" error message.

There are no more portals, I can't talk to Zana, and the mission has not failed, even though it is incompletable. Further, Zana will not leave the Crumbled Lab and return to the hideout. Her portal to the Crumbled Lab persists, even though it has been hours since I visited that useless instance. Zana has left the building.

Is it possible the game won't give me additional master missions while this one is still up? I could lose an entire day's worth of missions waiting on this one to reset if so. I've been playing a while without seeing a new mission, so I don't know if that's the case or not.

EDIT: Eventually, Zana reset, though it seemed to take a loooong time for this to happen.
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