Zana mission: Find the map piece

So I got this Zana misson, which said I should look for a map or so, the whole mission was time based and I could get more time buy touching some stones, while I mapped the whole area there was nothing to be found, only the map boss, which i ignored since it was time based..

So was the mission goal to kill the boss (which it did not state in the questlog), did I miss it or was it simply not there..?
This is a 'be lucky or fail' Quest.
One of the monster drop a map, but it can be a magic boss who have it or some of the normal monster or endboss. You don't know, you have to kill as much as you can and hope that you find the one who have the map.
If the boss was the last monster and you hadn't gotten a map to drop yet, he's the one that's going to drop it.
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I almost didnt kill any creature, since I thought it's going to be somewhere on the map..

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