Zana bug - I Died in Map/ mission open (no portal) Zana in Lab

bug report number 3975462305

I do dayly from Zana, she opend in the Lab one portal.
Mission was to kill rogues. I died and go back to checkpoint. Mission is open, Zana in Lab but no more portal. Login new but Zana still is in lab.

hint: after i played another quest for a master (finding in a map) Zana is back in hideout.

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Me too, I just had problem exactly like what you said.
Zana opened just 1 portal.And when I die, I couldn't go back to the map, Zana is still in the lab.

P/S: Your "hint" was right, Zana is back to hideout when I complete another master's misson.
IGN: MattMurdock_II
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