Zana Mission + Fractured + Disconnects = Bad Mission State


I was running a Zana mission map with monsters fracture mod while using herald of ash + elemental proliferation + burning. While it was fun killing hundreds of monsters at once, it eventually resulted in repeated disconnects from there being so many monsters in the instance(?).

When I logged back in I was able to re-enter the mission map room again however clicking any portal resulted in 'Unable to join instance. Disconnected from server.'. Now that I have used up all the portals I have not failed the mission and have not completed it either. Furthermore, the map room still exists and Zana is in the map room rather than my hideout. Thus, Zana is left in a bugged state for me.

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She might be back at your hideout / solaris temple map waypoint later. The disconnect is not limited to you, a lot of people have problems joining / rejoining Zana's side quest areas / maps due to Server Disconnects and subsequent Failure to join any instances.
I also get this bug as does another in my guild.

Any Zana map with fracture = "Disconnected from server"
Seems to ONLY be Zana maps, any other map with Fracture runs perfect (0 disconnects in approx 100 fracture maps).
EVERY Zana map with fracture disconnects immediately once I start attacking with FlickerStrike

Doesn't affect slower attack/kill-rates like cyclone etc.

Both myself and my guild mate have High-end Gaming rigs (latest drivers) on Win7. The fact we dont get this issue on ordinary fracture maps seems to be specific to Zana.
Desync in a nutshell -
Have been testing this a little and seems in some way related to cold damage or death on cold status ailment. Doing Zana Fracture maps with Hatred or Herald of Ice cause me to disconnect, but Herald of Fire runs fine.

Maybe the ice-blocks-on-death is causing it (crit chance = 94%)
Desync in a nutshell -

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