Vorici daily mission cannot be completed after dying with 2 seconds left on the low life mission

My daily Vorici mission was in the thicket map and I had to keep the target (Vickas Giantbone) on low life for 10s. When I got him to low life, the timer started, but I died when it got to 2 seconds. I went through the portal back into the area and the timer was no longer running. He was still on low life and fighting, but there was no timer and the quest had not failed. I cleared the map and ended up killing him off after nothing I tried ended the quest. It still did not end once the map had 0 monsters left. It actually said mission "Complete the mission" every time I went back into the area, but one of the two objectives on the right said "Mission complete. The target has been dealt with." The second one said "Keep the target alive." See screenshot.

I ended up going back to the hideout and running maps. After each of the first couple maps, the Vorici daily mission portal was still open. Eventually it went away and he came back to the hideout.


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