Trapped in Vagan's arena

Temporarily trapped inside Vagan's arena. Can always quit and restart, but a bug is a bug. Here's a step by step of what happened.

Encountered Vagan in docks.
Spoke to him to start mission.
Entered "Hallowed Arena"
Went down stairs.
Spoke to Vagan.
Began mission (defeat him; he had two archer friends, no time limit).
Defeated him. Mission completed flashed across screen.
Died somehow (degen?) before I could talk to him.
Respawned outside Hallowed Arena (back in docks). Vagan was outside. Spoke to him and received XP.
Entered arena to retrieve rare drop.
Vagan and his two archers are inside the arena. Speaking to Vagan opens his menu.
Stairs to exit the arena are not clickable.

IGN: JohnVonNeumann
Also, I should mention that, as usual, portals cannot be made inside Vagan's arena.
IGN: JohnVonNeumann

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