Zana Crash/disconnect Reference Number 2814425560

GGG, love what you've done.
Didn't know what Zana thread to post this in, so I made a new one. Lots of Zana issues, but I'm not sure players overall know enough specifics to categorize the issues correctly.

I have repeated a crash twice now whereby I enter a Zana mission, get a full inventory, place a portal, go to the Sarn Encampment, sell off, and upon returning to the map I get a server disconnect. Then, upon relaunch, i try to go back into Zana's portal and I get:
"Error: Failed to Join instance because: Disconnected from server."
"Error: Failed to join any instances."

I thought it perhaps a fluke at first, but this I've used quite a few maps to find her, 2nd appearance, and each time I find her I get disconnected. Essentially I'm not sure that a Zana mission is playable for me if the game crashes each time. I see others succeed in getting her as a Master, so maybe it's limited to my character... Witch, Summoner, 4 auras, pretty basic.

Please put some polish onto the Zana crashes.
This issue is not limited to you: This exact problem happened to me twice as well, I was unable to join Zana's sub-map again: Failed to join any instances. Makes it hard to level her :/

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