What class is the most fun?

Hi all,

Finally found my account again so I thought I'd start posting on the forum.

Just a question for all of you out there.

What (in your opinion is the best class to play? The most fun? And why?

Still waiting...
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I think the answer is witch.
Ok but why? I would have thought a spellcaster was the lest interesting to play.
Still waiting...
OKKKKK I think that answers the what character gains the most experience question. XD. So witch is a good class to play.
I'll probably make one of them as soon as I get into the game.
Still waiting...
0.9.3 will change a lot though.

I personally liked templar, he is like a bit more hardened witch.

Looking forward the int/dex class too
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I have seen many streams.And its alots of witchs:)

You know fun is different for different people. Although witches might be most effective they will not be most fun for most people.

Archers have huge DPS atm and Melee is most challenging.

Atm I am playing a dualist with double weapons and I am killing creeps faster (at Cruel difficulty) then I did with my Witch or my Templar. And it is fast and fun.

On next difficulty I am going to need to use tactics to survive and that will be challenging and fun again.

I love my Ranger and wouldn't trade it for another class, when 0.9.3 comes out, I will make another Ranger and try to enjoy the game as much as possible.
Why do I like Ranger? Because it a Ranged and not Magic involved Class.
Hmm... What should I write here?
I like Ranger. Mainly because I love bow play in every game. Sooo yeah. ^^.
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