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Why is everything always gore?
Also the ice trap flower barely looks much different from the original, at a glance you might not even notice.

Very cute pet, though.
Loving it. Might give this a shot sometime just for the heck of it and to annoy people in party.
Completed 40 Challengeshankinsohl wrote:

If you don't mind the 25-30% DPS loss, then 5-link Carcass is fine. I'd much rather have the DPS.

It also depends a lot on whether he plays on HC or SC. If you're on HC there's an extra reason to go with Carcass because of the 70 life you can get from it. Plus a bunch of evasion, some shield, some all res...

You are right, going from 6L to 5L is a big dps loss (I'd leave out void manipulation), but on the other hand you also get another +20% aoe radius which is nothing to sneeze at I suppose. It's certainly playable with a 5L Carcass - and might even be preferrable to a Tabula on HC.