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So how are people using ice trap in prophecy HC changing their builds ever since chaos changes?
These new freezes are really frustrating. They feel like they only happen in crucial moments, too.

I'd open some box or run into a big pack or whatever and bam 3 second freeze, then the game speeds up again and tries to fast forward through all the things that happened since.

It's really dangerous and I came close to dying because of this once already. Since I play HC that's really not nice.

Game worked just fine for me before this patch.
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This is why I now chose to not buy more boxes. They're just not worth it with their duplicate items and how often you get something silly like 2 second long fireworks.

I'd really want the ebony seraph set, but I can't justify spending some hundred bucks and then having 3 gloves, 1 pants, nothing of the rest, 10 fireworks and some other random things.