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I am currently upgrading my 4L setup of cwdt - increased duration - immortal call - molten shell into a 5L

Would it be a horrible idea to put blood rage or enduring cry in there? It's a high level cwdt so it'd take a while to proc either.

What else could I put in there as a fifth gem to make it useful?
Completed 18 ChallengesTreffnix wrote:
The influx of items to the market would make items almost worthless

I see what you mean, perhaps a limit should be put in then. Say you can only list x items per account in the AH at once. Stops people from flooding it with every rare drop they come across.

And using other accounts to do it wouldn't really be a way around it either as that'd be just about as much effort as listing it through the current way of doing it on, so no loss there.