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Completed 2 ChallengesMullaXul wrote:
He challenged him to a duel because he has the #1 sword. He beat him several 5-0's back to back and then jokely said he was taking screen shots and was going to post them to make a mockery of his "#1 sword, which got owned". He never took screen shots, but the other guy did and got suckered into posting them on himself getting beaten on. But since then has removed them/edited his posts and is trying to play it off like that wasn't the case. Thats the story, it was funny tbh. I can't type anymore because my post will get edited, but it was a bash on particular players who don't actually play but acquire "items" through other means and are generally free to real/good/smart players.


You're the breast son! THE BREAST!

omg lol thats hilarious rofl

Cool! Lol

Have you battled google and mullaxul? Top 1h / 2h pvpers apparently

Oh and rf is broken, you can only win if 99 res (+high regen) or 100 res. Even with 99 res, you melt in 1-2 seconds.

Then again, your build is kinda broken too lol, you do nothing and spam EK and shell lol, RF or high physical spike like flicker, nothing can beat it as your history proves.

Videos perhaps when you can?
I'm lvl 79, got 7600 ES and keep dying to reflect (lvl 72 maps, 18% ele reflect), why???

you got vaal pact yet?

@ The new Unique Ring Romira's Banquet

That ring is utterly useless. Normally we have around ~600% crit multiplier and ~80+% crit chance. You can do the math.

Regarding the reflect problem, I am certainly sure that the Discharge damage is way beyond the lifeleech you can get. Also I think the lifeleech is somewhere capped. You can reproduce this situation by going into reflect maps and stand close to 1-3 mobs. You won't leech enough life to stay somewhere alive.

I have 6k ES with around 300k dpc and I always drop to 2-3k ES on reflect maps with 75/75/75 res. Also I think the Voidbattery is way too much to handle it with one lifeleech gem.

its not capped with vaal pact, instant leech ... actually you take dmg before heal, but you get all of it then. So unless you die before the leech is applies, you wont die at all. This can happen with 300k flicker builds, but i dont think it can happen here. Unless he has a really high crit multiplier.

you cannot die unless you have -max res or elemental weakness with no overcapped resists.

you take 18% x 0.25 = 4.5%, or less if you have more than 75 res
you leech 8.8% back after taking the dmg

so even with dbl reflect, you should theoretically survive. Or use ek mines or something if you dont. Dbl reflect and -max can kill you for sure though.
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