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No stupid playstyle required. A tiny desynch into a high damage volatile mob that is about to die right before it blows = rip. OR sometimes they mob was desynched and synchs like 2 rooms back right on top of you (rare, but had it with Dominus today in Residence)..

There are many other scenario's where you can get killed by a desynch even though you played well. But 99% can be avoided by playing well and by using/spamming /oos at the RIGHT times.

But sometimes it pays to be desynched ;). Like spamming SRS/arc around the corner while desynched for a safe igna/aba kill (if you don't have flameblast). Only works while desynched. Then when the server synch you again, you desynch it again on purpose ;). But it can last pretty long sometimes.
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Happens quiet often. Sometimes you can't read the map-IIQ and sometimes you can't even read all mods. No option to disable it because it's a master's-quest.

Basically the same problem as the buffs (enemy hp overlaps puncture/cb debuffs).
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Today I also had a strongbox (white) guarded by 3 packs of monsters but it only spawned (literally) 2 white mobs. Very weird. Sadly I did not make a /bug because I thought it was intended (just like some boxes drop no items or boxes with 1800iir drop only whites).