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Like almost daily... League of Legends... That game only exists to make me go mad :P. I don't really know why I play that game though.

I don't mind feeders too much, but those pre-mades in Twisted Treeline that flame me for 20 minutes straight because I supposedly didn't ping my single SS in time that somehow is the reason for every single one of their death's during the game.

Get's better when I get a notice from the Riot-client after about my 'behavior' for not flaming back and just listening to their flames all game long..
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I'm a bit worried that high-end gear will be too easy to farm. I have no idea what the drop-rate for those cards is for the highest end items (mirrors, shavs, etc). It's good that we can 'aim' for more specific items then. But do we really need it?

I could now just farm random maps, if lucky, find a 20ex worth item, sell it, then buy the item I really wanted instead of farming the item directly. The point of "now you can farm the exact item you want" does not make a lot of sense to me personally.

I hope that I don't have to farm some really annoying area with almost no mobs for a specific card. Or a card for a high-end item in a low-level-zone... That would greatly take the fun out of it.
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Zoom-in and you are able to see that there is some white texture to cover both the "boobies"

First thing I did :P