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No, you must also know what mods to roll on what maps. Each map has a certain set of 'best mods' for maximizing chances for sustaining the map runs. Running high level maps effectively requires a lot of game knowledge actually.

But the whole map-system, I hate it. Always this constant stress "will I find another map this run or not" when running maps worth 0.5-2ex. And then the rng on top of that, you can lose dozens and dozens of hard earned ex in a single day if rng hates you.
I just wan't to kill loads of monsters, not worry about my ex-reserves while running maps or being forced to run them in full parties for map-sustain & maximum lag.
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Last 3 mornings in a row, packet loss on:

Again lag spikes. The packet loss goes to ~40% for this node during the spike. Then over time it all evens back out to 0-3% again. Because the spike is very short, outside of the lagspike there is no packet loss.
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