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TLDR version:
- No reward other than a few SP that you don't really need.
- Grind is too boring.
- Grind requires calculating the imbalance and maps/rolls again for every league.
- Solo it is just absolutely worthless going to 100.
- Every time I lack sustain or when RNG is against me, running maps feels bad instead of fun. The feeling of losing something.
- Going to level 100 can not be done in parties with certain builds due to their network/FPS drain.

Reason for me to avoid endgame mostly:
What, I believe, 'forces' players to be so calculating is that the higher tier endgame maps are expensive&semi-rare and require currency to be rolled in order to be less expensive (or for getting more xp/hour). But if done wrong, it will only give less xp/hour and costs only even more currency. Now since you can get level 90 very easily by running low level maps this is not a problem for most. But if you would like to play passed level 94ish, then you are pretty much forced into all sorts of calculations that nobody really wants but.... No choice... And often (actually always) those calculations lead to people finding imbalances or worse. Like this league where T6-8 seems to be the best xp/hour. But every league that I can remember had this problem now it's just more noticable.

Now take other hack 'n slash games, there you often just enter some endgame area and you start killing stuff. In PoE you start calculating first.

Also there is no rewards for going to 100. Those last few skillpoints or the achievement... Meh.... No incentive.
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I also find this a great idea for an MTX or something. Would definitely buy.
Good idea.