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Why do so many people prefer tornado above SA? SA has more range and you kills entire screens in like a second, maybe 2 at most in solo high maps with mods. Tornado does more damage I'm sure but it's range/aoe... It's just not that good.
This build (from the community guides) claims to have the fastest clear speed possible. However, I'm not sure if that build is really faster than this build with SA. Can anyone confirm if that build is truly faster? Or if it really has more dps?
It probably has more singletarget dps because puncture just rocks. Therefor that build is prolly better for uber atziri. But I somewhat doubt if it can clear maps faster.

Also, that build dies to reflect and does not have the high IIQ/IIR this build has.
That build is only cheaper afaik, not better. My SA has 33k tooltip DPS. And I know that some stats are not updated in this tooltip, the actual damage is MUCH higher.
That combined with 50-93iiq/126iir, 95%/401% crit imo makes this build better for endgame.
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Did they fix it in 2.0g? I did not see it in the patch notes... Can I still not play this game?
GGprime wrote:
here is another thing I noticed about it, when you crash you cannot join a specific global channel for 5-10 minutes. For example /global 5055 does not work anymore. You only get into random globals.

This also happens without procurement for me. It's just a new 2.0 bug