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Yeah the fastest clearing-builds run in front, the others only use movementskills to keep up and the mjolner-dischargers and such are not even allowed to use any skills due to the game not being optimized (at all) for those builds.

But finding a party for non-linear-maps is often pretty hard due to the absense of a decent LFG/LFM system and when you run from your hideout (which is most likely) then there is not even a LFG/LFM system in the game...

I hope they totally overhaul the entire endgame system. Probably never gonna happen though... :(
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On Steam alone 12000 people play PoE every day and it's still a top100 Steam game. And a lot of people probably don't even play PoE through Steam so the actual userbase is even larger. That imo is pretty darn good for a game several years old.

As a developer aside, I'm really impressed with how well your labyrinth generation comes out. I once tried to make a game that procedurally generated essentially a maze type layout with all traps and very little buffer areas and could only occasionally get interesting and fun results.

The first labyrinth I ever ran had an impossible layout and I was stuck for a few hours thinking it was a "puzzle" I had to solve. And many maps still have the same layout problems they had 2 years ago it's just that most aren't really problematic but more like a glitch. But over time they fixed most and I haven't seen a problem with the labyrinth (related to layout) anymore since. But the lab still has a handful of bugs and also has massive balance problems.

I understand that new players look differently at the mapping system compared to older players (I personally hate it). The maps are insanely imbalanced and have been for years. After 500 hours of play or so you will see the many problems with the mapping system. I don't see them as "different worlds" I just see them as "runnable" or "not runnable" due to the huge difference in xp/hour and return values that are mostly unrelated to map-tier. And of course that unsatisfied feeling you get when you lose currency while running maps if you do not apply the mathematics required to run maps.

But it is interesting to see how new players experience this game. I hope you will keep enjoying it.
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