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I was also wondering, what if the only map you unlock is the Gorge map (if that is possible)? Then every mapdrop has like 20% chance to be a gorge map? Or at least for the account where you plan on reaching lvl100 with. Use another acc or wait until you reach lvl 100 before unlocking everything for the item-farm.
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To me endgame is boring. Mapping system is horrible and requires tons of math. And going lvl 94->100 = even more boring and requires you to calculate the best possible maps/setups/rolls/sustain whatever to get top xp/hour. Again boring. So leaving after you get the last challenge reward is common because for a lot of people there is no 'real' endgame. Content only lasts for a few days imo anyway, it's the endgame that matters.

You go lvl1->90 in like 2-3 days if you do not go super hardcore. And then you just do some challenges and then you quit. So yeah a league will last 1-4 weeks depending on how many hours you can invest with the old endgame system.

And then that feeling when you have a bad luck spree and no maps drop and you are bleeding currency. You feel like going backwards instead of actually progressing.

I hope that the next league changes that with the Atlas. My hopes aren't very high though.
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Oh wow they did it, the finally changed endgame!
No more complicated math before running maps in a league, no more speedrunning, finding the ideal maps to run over and over and over again at a way too low tier and other nonsense like that. Now we get a (hopefully) decent endgame system :).

Good because I can NOT see any more gorges/canyon, palteau's, jungle valleys and strand maps. I wanna play more tropical island.
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