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Ah my bad. I indeed missed that paragraph somehow :P.
Sadly the race starts at midnight for EU people. And we also have to farm our masters during that time on other leagues :(. But it's not a real race imo so it doesn't matter a lot. It's a lottery after all and level 70 can be done in 2 days anyway so no rush unless you aim for top5.

If I level a character on both SC & HC to 25 does that double my chances @ getting stash tabs?

I would like to know this as well because it's written in such way that it implies that you get double chances if you level in both leagues because:

The single highest level character in this league on your account will be considered.

And the same quote can be found for Beyond so I assume that we can get double prizes or at least double chances.
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I'm using this build (excluding the endurance charge nodes), I'm currently lvl 71. But sadly the damage is really falling off in those higher level maps. Up to lvl 74 maps (solo) the dps is doable/fine. But the low dps makes me near useless in full parties in lvl 75+ maps. Yeah sure I can freeze... But I can't deal damage and my freeze is useless since other people kill those packs (or the whole screen) in less than a second anyway. It's only good for bosses or vs magnus/igna but that's about it. I feel useless.


I have no use for the lifeleech whatsoever so I put in an empower. Cold penetration is probably better but then I need to chrome it again...
Reflect is no problem as long as I don't hit a whole pack and as long as I activate the potion.