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I also gave up on ctf. 1-1 is doable but ctf = near-infinite queue.
I only tried it a few times.

I pop quicksilver and run to the other guy. The in close range I shoot once and he dies. (coc+shotgun = insta gib).

Then you have those max movementspeed with off-screen aoe chaos damage and puncture (so you can't follow them). They just kill you off-screen while they kite you.

And then I won this game 5-0 and he said "gg, I can't even see what's happening.". I said "Yes I know, I coc your fps to 0 until I can free-kill you :P".

PVP is so unbalanced or is it me?
Last edited by silverdash on December 14, 2014 1:18 PM
The weapon for this build alone costs 220ex lol.