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Darkshrine items imo should not be transferred to standard league. Some of the recipes are so broken. Like the 20q recipe. Those gems are worth 1ex in standard (or used to) and they took a long time to grind out. But in darkshrine you can get 20q gems on lvl1 if you're lucky. And on later levels you craft them non stop.

Need a 20q empower gem? No problem.
Imo darkshrine is very very bad to the economy. If you play standard it's worth going darkshrine just to get your hands on those relatively easily obtained valuable items. Rip them on lvl1 chars back to standard, sell them and earn big time.
And then the prices go down to nothing. You no longer have to wait until level 90-92 before your gems get 20q.
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I still prefer HoT + curse for my crit builds, because, no mana reservation.

Now we need a silence curse gem to go along with this gem :P
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I had that script from the forums here somewhere. So I assumed it was legal. But it doesn't work properly anyway (regarding mouse), atleast not for me.

silumit wrote:
Why would you need 1 key logout script if you can use 2 keys logout OS action? Which is absolutely legal btw.

Some logouts are faster. Every millisecond counts when being around lvl 95+ or playing on hardcore. But all of those scripts are massive and come with a bunch of functions that I don't need and are usually quite buggy. Or they come with executables... No thanks.


I guess I can just simulate alt+f4 for now. It will work, it's not the fastest but it will disconnect me after about half a second. Doable for softcore
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