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aklnocro wrote:
How to level on this build, Use Rat nest?

Now I lv 69 it easy to die.

sorry for my bad english.

Yes, use Rat's Nest if you're dying often with Abyssus. Check out the numbers of Abyssus vs Rat's Nest on the first page to compare.

(keep in mind I haven't played for about 3 months, just checking in)
Lolzour wrote:

Cool, thanks!

also im having issues with mana, would it be effective if i were to go BM node instead of using gems?

This could certainly work, but the Hatred aura is not only a huge dps boost, but the freeze crits that come from Hatred make your life much easier in pve, and give you a huge edge in pvp. I would much sooner use a BM gem on all attacks instead of using the BM keystone and giving up the Hatred aura.

If you're having mana issues, it's bc your dps is too low, so you need to compensate by getting more mana leech. While leveling, it is super helpful to have the surgeon's affix on your mana pots so you can almost spam it and never run out. On my duelist, all he uses is a single hallowed hybrid flask and that is all he needs for mana pots, even on no regen maps. And to be clear, all he has is 1% mana leech, and that is enough to be at full after every fight.
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Lolzour wrote:
hey am i still able to use this build just for regular farming etc? I.E not Pvping at all?

Sure ya can, just don't grab the antiblock clusters at all. Grab the other sword passives instead. If I were only doing pve, I would never get an abyssus at all, the rat's nest will be your best friend. You could also try Daresso's chest or even Death's oath if you get the 75% chaos res. Here is a solid pve build for Duelist.

110 PvE Build

Hell, if you wanted, you could use blood dance boots and grab 3 extra frenzy charges, 2 from tree, 1 from merciless and you'd have 6 frenzy charges constantly in maps.