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Ahh. I think i used to use the standalone client a long time ago, back when I played more often.

I know some steam games manage it though... so I dislike just blaming valve. oh well.

Maybe I should re-get the standalone.
This means every time there is a patch I uninstall and reinstall the entire game, wasting quite a lot of bandwidth. My ssd is an old model and the os takes up half of it. I easily have about 7gb free for PoE but I don't not have 12-14gb free that poe actually requires.

why not fix this technical issue? most games don't have this problem.

This ends up meaning if I haven't played path of exile for a while, instead of occasionally logging in to try it out, I just quit for a year.

Yes I have plenty of space on my old fashioned 3tb drive, but there's no way to designate that space as a patching location, another solution that would work for me. I like loading new maps instantly. Which only my ssd can do.

I know this isn't a very big deal, but it's been several years, and I'm starting to doubt anyone cares at all.
I see that the suggestion for leveling up doesn't include taking the +30dexterity gems early on, but then does suggest taking them later.

does that mean when leveling you wear subpar gear which has dexterity on it instead?