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A 5megabyte patch shouldn't require 4GB of free harddrive space.

This cannot be steam's fault because let's say DOTA2 a game steam makes themselves can manage to patch itself without demanding it's entire installation size be available.

Please come up with a long term solution to this problem. as path of exile is a competitive game which features loading screens owners of older smallish SSD's really cannot afford to have this be the way patches work. A solution must exist, please implement it.

Path of Exile requires TWICE it's actual harddrive space to reside on my SSD. I don't have room for that. So I don't really play much anymore if ever.
lightning arrow isn't triggering frost wall though is it? are you saying the lightning arrow can hit the frost wall itself? and then the lightning arrow hits the frost wall and that triggers the aoe? then it pierces the frost wall? then it hits the real enemies and re-triggers area effect spells?

I've not used frost wall much ever so I really don't understand what it does, but if you can attack your own frost wall and trigger things based on that, that sounds awesome!

did I finally get it? if this is true maybe update the OP with some info about frost wall itself, it's very under used rarely used skill... everyone knows what LA does, but hardly anyone understands frost wall.
I still don't understand how the frostwall interacts with lightning arrow?

either the lightning arrow effect can shotgun and all three projectiles can hit the same enemy... or it can't?

what does frost wall have to do with it? does frost wall's knockback effect cause the same enemy to be pierced and then knocked back into the same arrow that just hit it? or something? is the frost wall just for crowd control? i don't see how frost wall raises DPS... and if it DOES, what other projectiles would this combination work with? or is unique to lightning arrow? or is lightning arrow just what this build makes use of in the combo?

What also doesn't make sense is.... if frost wall somehow vastly raises DPS, wouldn't you want to manually cast it on anything you wanted increased dps for? If frost wall does not raise dps, and is just being used defensively to hold monsters in place, then it does indeed make sense to use with cast on damage taken, but in that case I wouldn't call it "abuse".

Also in the video having the map open makes it quite hard to see... also there seems to be quite some low framerate making it hard to tell what's actually happening as well.
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