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This is quite funny. You tried to arbitrage without hedging yourself.

Aim_Deep wrote:

I love trade and was why I quit d3 after it stopped and came here. AH was far superior to 1990s trade chat we got but our trade is 1000% better than SFL RNG builds they got now.

For every you, there's a me. I rejoined D3 because they abolished the AH and went targetted self found with loot 2.0 (and the other raft of changes that RoS brought). In my view, the game is better and has a longer life expectancy for it.



The worst thing a Dev can do, much like a loving but responsible parent, is give the children players what they want without considering the larger implications.

And while GGG fuck up from time to time, I don't think they're guilty of the above.

I fucking hate the penalty as it forces artificial play such as leveling before trying tough areas. We also lack some means of getting lost xp back via corpse retrieval or the like.

That all said, simply removing the penalty is cheap and uninteresting.

I don't advocate for removing the penalty, and it's a good analogy. However, a key difference is that a parent will continue to be the child's parent regardless of parenting style, except in extremis. Parenting is the long con.

By contrast, game players can leave their proverbial family on a whim (as we do). Subject to the developer's, and their owners', aims, I think the "parenting style" of a game developer should veer a little more towards appeasement.