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Charan, I look forward to your take on A4 vs the latest RoS incarnation. Have you had a go at Greater Rifts yet? also, D3 just announced patch 2.2, which looks to have some very interesting content and set changes for some classes.

To the extent you like Wiz lore/image, I humbly recommend you give them a go once 2.2 drops.

ScrotieMcB wrote:
Self-found does not need its own league. It would be nice if it had its own ladder, so players who want to compete under the playstyle can do so against other like-minded players.

However, it is not as simple as "if this character trades, it loses self-found." Usually players have traded items in their stash, so characters with the label shouldn't be able to access it - either no stash or a separate one. I think I'd actually prefer to see the "no stash" version since it's harder. :3

There would also be the question of partying. It might be considered unfair to have a non-SF player rush you, even if no items change hands. Or it might be considered fair game. Not sure.

In no instance should self-found players be afforded any advantage or "compensation" for their choice of playstyle. It should be about competition.

My only comment is that it's important that this tag isn't abusable. For example, trading by dropping items on the ground at opposite ends of the screen - the way we did it in closed beta before trade window existed...
DirkAustin wrote:
MoonYu wrote:
Most people seen to dislike the idea of solo self found due to drops. This is the wrong argument we should be having.

What GGG could do with a SSF league is test buffs, nerfs and new gems before releasing them elsewhere.

Drops aren't the problem and never have been. The problem is solo game play and being able to survive higher end content.

By using single player as a test model, they could test what works and what doesn't. A sort of advanced alpha mode.

But how would one get any items when the drop rate isnt buffed? You cant test what doesnt drop. I like the way you think but i dont think it would work.

yeah, sadly alpha was like this a long time ago when I had access, a bit if a ghost town as it was pretty pointless to use it to test content in a game driven around trade, when you couldn't trade due to the tiny and absent alpha playerbase.