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You should aim to get the 90% increased crit chance enchantment for your boots for a permanent 90% crit chance buff.
Or to summarise:

Trade > play (as usual with poe)
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Apologies if this has been covered:

The labyrinth boot enchants that increase crit chance if YOU have not crit recently: how does this interact with traps?

And thats a very good question :D ! If traps dont count as "your" crit but separate being, but your critchance applies to traps. Very important thing to investigate.

EDIT. Well seems like the answer is that you have FREE 90% crit chance from boots with this enchantment.

Correct and tested. Basically, this enchantment on boots is a *must have* for this build. Permanent 90% increased crit chance is nothing to sneeze at! Boots are currently available for around 15c, so get them before they all get sucked up.