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Well done fella.:)

iamstryker wrote:
People are somehow fine with grinding to get the same uniques/rares every new league but doing masters over again is a lot worse?

there is a difference , there are many ways to grind for gear , mapping farming bosses, TRADING etc

there really is only one way to efficently farm masters - NOT TRADING

global 820 and a small mapsize instance. It gets old fast

Fixed for you.

I'm with tmaciak on this. Having played both extensively now, it's clear that PoE is essentially a stand and deliver experience (which is fine). RoS on the other hand is much more dynamic at higher greater rift levels, you really have to practise and perfect your movement, crowd control and situational awareness (sentry DH's notwithstanding).

The closest to this I've seen in PoE is the uber atziri fight, which does require a kabuki dance (which I like in concept), but the vast majority of content I don't think does, at least in my experience.

Then again, PoE is largely an exercise in excel and a supermarket shopping list, with an arpg minigame that unfair?

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