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DirkAustin wrote:
grant_m wrote:
I'd love to play in a league not controlled by bots & RMT. Let's get this thing going, GGG!

How would a SFL be without RMT and bots? people just farm to get better items still because muling items to other chars would still work. RMTers just sell accounts.

This whole SFL being anti RMT/Bots is non sensical.

And how do you explain your sudden change of accounts to your friends in-game? How do you explain why you didn't reply to any of their whispers messages while your RMT site was using your account to farm? Would you let some RMT site access your account once you'd used it for a while and accumulated gear on it (I wouldn't dream of it).

There is no question RMT still exists in a SFL environment, but it is vastly, vastly diminished. Witness D3 now - many RMT sites have stopped offering D3 services at all nowdays.

Self found is not necessarily the same as solo. There or lots of threads on SFL.
Real playerz don't qual their uniques, full stop.