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Well at least d3 has class leaderboards, so there remains at least some illusion of build diversity to end game (usually 2 viable meta builds per class, 6 classes, etc).

Now with atlas and a new 'end game', with no competitive class-based leaderboards, I expect there will be a much more line ball debate about whether d3 or poe has better build diversity at 'end game'.

Fire away.
Chris and team, I hope you boost the drop rate of essences significantly as a mitigant to this late change (nerf) to essences. Otherwise the claims of 'making rates great again' rings very hollow.

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Completed 40 Challengesskoupidi wrote:
So last nigh i dropped a blue diamond with T1 es , T1 cold res , then i regaled T1 light res and yolo exalted it :P this is the result!

Super lucky this league xD

That is a ridiculously good ring, gz man! Fortune favours the brave. Good on you for even picking up and ID'ing a blue diamond ring (who does that?).
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