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I would like advice from Mrs Hardlicker please.

My wife is American and I have just brought her to Sydney (we live in the UK). I haven't got her a Christmas gift yet, but would like to get her something which I can't get her outside Australia.

Please give me your top 3 ideas Mrs Hardlicker.

GD looks great and it's fun. It's pretty simple, but it's early days yet. The bit I like least about it is that it feels very sluggish - not performance wise, but more about just interaction with mobs and the environment - it feels "laggy" but not in respect of internet latency.
In my first two or three years in my job I would typically be doing over 100 hours a week, and sometimes (not infrequently) at or above 120 hours per week (I was working weekends as well obviously).

Almost 16 years later and I don't work anywhere near those hours, but as with many professional careers, the early years can be a test of stamina, amongst other things.