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"PoE 2 - Electric Boogaloo!"

Cloudsalot wrote:
Page two :)

No, spell echo is worse. Tooltip DPS will be higher than faster casting, but in practice it's much worse because with spell echo crits are rolled once per both casts. This means either you get a noncrit and you cast 2x with low damage, in which case you won't kill the mob. Or you get a crit and cast 2x with big damage, and you will kill the mob with first cast, while second cast will go to waste.

Ok, got it - that makes it sound like it's worse against white/blue mobs but potentially better against rares and unique mobs (as the higher crit spikes won't go to waste as you're unlikely to <2 shot them). Also, I was choosing between Spell Echo and Light Pen, not Spell Echo and Faster Cast. Light Pen is also potentially less useful depending on mob base resists...

I'm just thrilled its only Dirk who's flying the fanatic anti-SFL flag this go around, and not Xav as well! Perhaps there can be only one Sith lord after all.