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This video sums it up, GGG.

You've faced the challenge. You've earned the reward!
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vanphie wrote:
Does Totems gain Power Charges when they kill mobs after you cast Assasins Mark? coz I noticed that their damage went up for a second but no Power Charge indicator on my screen.

Tnx alot

As a general rule, no. You can gain a PC from AM if your totems die before the mob is killed.

Generally, people use self-cast Ice Spear (+fastercast+gmp) or ball lightning, or something like that to proc PC's.
damelon wrote:
mrpetrov wrote:
Just chiming in here on the choice between daggers and wands for crit totems.

For me, the added c.20% cast speed (per wand) + implicit spell damage is worth a little more than the implicit crit chance + c.30% crit multi on daggers - even for a crit build. Cast speed works especially well with flat spell damage modifiers, obviously.

You can see the effect of both pretty easily, just gem a faster cast and a crit damage and then work out which provides more bang for buck.

These are my decent (but not amazing) warbands' wands:


If it were direct apples to apples, I agree completely. I would go wands. getting 22% cast speed (per wand) is pretty incredible. For me, going daggers only has to do with pairing them with consuming dark. If I know I am always running 100% chaos damage, then I don't need fire pen and I don't need the celestial wheel for the most part. Those points can be used elsewhere. If I was going crit and still used fire damage, I'd still want all of the things associated with fire pen and the celestial wheel, and I would remain using wands.

We are in violent agreement on both a chaos-based and a fire-based crit build then!