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Drop chance is worse thana mirror itself, who cares.

Divination cards = big scam from GGG

Although art is pretty cool.
It's interesting that in this latest patch GGG apparently relented in regards to their broken map system when so much of the rest of the game functions in the same way.

That's because the attitude most of the player base (me included) have developed towards the game: you don't expect anything good to drop, ever. OFC we have dropped any illusion of "self-foundness" too, so we just play for XP progression and currency farming (for rolling specific gear -this league I'm alching mostly diamond rings and jade amulets for example), maps or trading).

So when people feels 'robbed' of progression (cannot get higher maps) they outrage.

Not arguing about map drop rates, item drop rates or rng in general, just stating how most people expectations when playing the game and the derived behaviour.

Personally I MOSTLY find that this works fine for me (and that's why you may find this attitude in the forum, we are at peace with the game), but ofc this is RNG dependant (if you end up in the 'low side' of the Gauss curve you are going to outrage, hence the argument for some sort of hidden entropic system, btw I believe this system already exists to a point from my casual observation when spending certain currency), however I would still want to see some things change. Like making 6 links a bit more fast paced, I'm lvl 92 in WB, would be 93+ if not for being reckless, and I believe progression wise I should have a 6 link already at this levels although I'm not close to it (but arguably that would be on my end-game weapon so...).
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Perhaps a new feature where you can choose the party type might be implemented and those with trade parties might be colored orange, and those action parties might be green etc.

That could work, let us specify party type and people can select filter based on that. Like: "mapping", "progression/story", "trade" etc.
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