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Well if they have rewritten the network code that's amazing news. An other closed-beta player here that may give the game (and HC) a try again after many months :)

If solo self-found is decent too all the best.
I haven't played in months and I'm an old closed-beta player. The thing we wanted always was cut-throat open pvp.

Structured pvp and turning this into a MOBA won't ever work, wrong genre and approach with all the RNG and poor network code (I don't think you have fixed or ever will fix the netcode of the game, maybe on PoE2 so).

Anyway I hope someday this will be implemented and w emay have some fun non-consensual pvp in the form of CT leagues, but that would have to go in-hand with appropriate item generation/crafting etc. (things were getting slowly better on that front too, have to read more about current state of the game and the incoming expansion to see how it's now though).

EDIT: I actually read now that they have re-written the netcode, that's very good news. Glad you got up to it GGG! :)
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Well, I played some maps for a bit with one of my old chars before the downtime and still as bad as always.

Desynced badly in a map boss almost gets me killed. This while holding the fire in place key with a damn bow. At least I know I won't be playing HC league any time soon again cause don't feel like losing my nth character to a necro in the other room lol, so all fine, gonna play casually in the SC league and try have some fun for a couple weeks at least.