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Completed 15 ChallengesAim_Deep wrote:
Maps need to go to 100 and do away with RNG. You beat the boss you get next level map simple as that - like any other game known to mankind. You think Core is hard? 90 would be murder. 100 impossible without like the perfect team, auras and strategy. The whole idea of RNG gating needs to go. Players do get bored face-rolling 90% of the time and challenge only 10% i believe as opposed to pursuing the highest level they can go.

Atziri I can somewhat understand gating because of GGG's mistake of Guaranteeing drops. Didnt really help. Doryanis catalysts are worth fuck all now and they had to nerf Acuity drop rate to the ground once they realized that mistake. But maps have no place being gated.

Kind of, they should also add level 101 and make the XP necessary to get that last level practically unreachable (ie.Graham's number).

Suddenly all the obsession GGG has with 'elite' no-life players are solved...

Completed 7 Challengesgrant_m wrote:
Upon reading the OP, I nearly burst into tears. Or, was it laughter?

It's a video game. If it's no longer fun, build a tree fort.

Oh, it's only a video game? Haha, it's just a video game guys, those things are for kids! They're not meant to be taken seriously! No, THEY ARE. I play 10+ hours a day, I have deprived myself of sleep over them. I spend money purchasing them and I spend money within them on things like MTX. SO NO, IT'S NOT JUST A GAME.

Not sure if serious, but yes, it's just a game.

The economy is in great shape, u mad?
Not sure that would solve mkuch or be worth the developing time, the problem still is the game is a one-skill spamfest (ok, with contagion and ED a two-click spamfest) due to emphasis on fast clearign and how skill linking works in the game (you are limited at most to two 6/5 links, most builds to one, and you want to be usin that most of the time).

The options to play like that already exists, however is not what the game promotes and I doubt that can change. Dedicated team support builds can and do exist, control builds as I said before had it's moment, perma-freeze and perma-stun were big things in some past leagues. The problem as with many things in this game is the binary outcome (either it works too well, or it doesn't), that's due to how scaling works in the game and all the compounding effects you get (from increasing links up to 5/6L, increasing passives, additive effects from gear, etc.). Damn, you can still make those builds, except they won't work against certain bosses.

The practical solution as suggested has to be combining both dmg and control in the skills themselves and reducing the relative power of both things, you will pay on clear speed (reduced dmg) but gain on safety. There are already many skills that have some of this.

Dedicated niche control builds that work a 100% of the time I doubt we will ever see, but you can have builds hat work 95% of the time. more variety and reworking certain skills to work properly (frost wall) are welcome.