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I_NO wrote:
Yeah I understand tgat but it's a fucking leveling item / Leap slam swap

People thinks that scarcity gives something intrinsic value. It doesn't, but don't let them know, may their items grow spider webs through the ages...

Or maybe someone buys them what do I know...
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Is a proper ending to the game going to be added (like when you defeated Dominus pre-2.0)? This won't matter much to all old players, but it looks rather confusing and amateurish for new players as it is right now.
Quoting myself from other threads:

This game is all about "the economy" unfortunately. You want to nerf top ladder players? Nerf their monopolies in wealth acquisition: for example, add ways to get higher ilvl base items outside maps or low level maps thought some vendor recipes.

Tuning drop rates are not going to change the dynamics with wealth flowing to the top, which in the end will help them sustain higher level map pools. You need to nerf their income otherwise the only thing you will end up is frustrating 99% of the player base who cannot play 12h a day and trade 24/7 (neither has the goods to trade or the potential market, as the economy in this game is designed poorly when it comes to recycling of wealth and funds).

Early adopters and invested players will always have a relatively easier way to the top because wealth flows, is a question of how much of a monopoly can GGG give people at the top or how skewed is this wealth. Tuning map drop rate here and there may just delay that lvl 100 24h, but exponentially more for other players. As the possibility to transfer wealth to the top decreases (because people has more gear) and single players can accumulate less wealth, getting 100 will become relatively harder as the getting the wealth to sustain higher maps becomes harder. Is early monopoly which allows for such rapid progression.

That and ofc certain set-up's have to be nerfed (multiple phys damage conversion, get rid of that) so the game becomes more difficult and risky to the few face-rolling builds (meta is currently boring and one-dimensional due to this).


I was commenting on some comments on how hard/easy is tor each lvl 100 in this thread, and what GGG has done to change this (for the good or for the bad).

GGG thinks that they have to be nerfed, they are chasing the top players all the time. I don't give a damn, just explaining the situation here: the map drop rates changes were an attempt to nerf people reaching 100 too fast and add currency sink, but due to the current 'state of the economy' and how the economy has worked since day one, those changes are having the opposite effect GGG expected. The way to slow down players (if that's what they want) is to nerf income stream from hc players, not to nerf drop rates (personally I would leave the current map drop rates as they are, but ofc making mid-tier maps more challenging removing face-rolling builds), by removing the oligopolies they have on certain items.

And yes, there are needs of nerfs because the current state of the meta is poor, boring and one-dimensional, face-rolling lvl 80+ maps with a million mods shouldn't happen. But that's an other issue, although is directly related to why people is reaching higher levels so fast. Game has had issues with difficulty, builds etc. for a long time since day one, I hope now that desync has been eliminated thy start to focus on those issues moving away from faceroll everything with "spikey-oneshoot" chance lame difficulty and add more interesting gameplay and difficulty.