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knac84 wrote:

This game is not meant to be played for thousands of hours in a single character.

I've always found I get most enjoyment playing the game I want to, instead of how GGG wants me to.

I don't reroll every week, I play same characters for long time, I don't play temp leagues, I don't buy bosskills, I don't buy 8/8 achievements, and I don't pay anyone to run Atziri, Uber for me, or to play the game in any way instead of me.. and I have an absolute blast.

PoE is a great game, I love it, time (and money) I've put into it speaks volumes. But it is not perfect, and it is on us - players - to do our part and try to make the game even better. GGG does hear us.

Off course, you can play however you want, but don't expect the game to be something is not: if you have gear worth thousands of hours played in a single league and one or few characters the game is not going to be challenging no matter what and if you have or haven't access to those bosses. This is the problem with some complaints, they don't deal with the real "problem" (I don't think it is one really, the average game nowadays barely has over 15h worth of game play if you are lucky).

Completed 16 ChallengesQwixy wrote:
knac84 wrote:

This game is not meant to be played for thousands of hours in a single character.

I stopped reading after that, wasn't this game made to be hardcore? Even chris wilson himself said that they made the game for themselves as a group of hardcore gamers...

Those phrases are devoid of meaning, they may sounds cool, but if you don't define words they don't mean anything. What exactly is "hardcore"? Sorry but it does not mean anything.

In practice there are limits to development, artificial difficulty (be it gating through gear or currency) is not 'hardcore' for me. The fundamental problem is that it doesn't matter if TheAnuhart has access to 'end game', it wouldn't satisfy anyway because is not much different anyway to what he has access. A 78 map can be more difficult than a 82 one based on affixes and mob rng.

The only difference are the bosses, but running the same bosses over and over is a very limited form of content which anyway is not going to satisfy the majority of players.

TheAnuhart wrote:

1. Who said any and all content should be chainable?
2. There are other ways to gate content and progression, like, difficulty alone or difficulty and RNG without adding in wealth (wealth that must be acquired via trading or facerolling low content).
3. You are suggesting I'd get bored and no longer play if I had access to more difficult content? Here's the thing, I have 3 level 100's, 1 96, 3 95... I got bored and no longer play because I can't access appropriate content.

1. That's the current situation, why complain then?
2. Re-read the post...
3. There is NO "appropriate" content, it doesn't matter if you cna or not access it. Haven't you done it already sometimes (although not chained). Games come to an end.
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Yeah, they are fundamentally different. However, there are something that I feel are better right now in D3:
1) The difficulty curve, except for a few bosses, in D3 is feels better right now.
2) End-game and stuff to do, PoE is lacking.
3) Combat (spamming more than one or two buttons) in general is more interesting tactically, PoE is more interesting in the strategic layer.

Technically is also better: like you can actually play in parties you know! That's a big plus for D3 (and it's not only about fps drops I'm talking about).

A lot of people pissing on D3 difficult hasn't probably played it.
TheAnuhart wrote:

This game is not meant to be played for thousands of hours in a single character.

If what you reefer as gated content was not gated and was chainable you would get bored pretty fast anyway and quit, because you would realize you have done all there is to do in the game and you can't further improve your characters (or very little). One person easy to get content is an other person gated content ofc, and you can see complains that people is not able to get past lvl 74 maps (but that's not what you are talking about here).

I'm not defending the current status quo and GGG economic design, but the reality is that this game simply does not have enough things to do and challenging content to keep the interest of the players if it was accessible.

The problem then is: 1) the progression curve, which is logarithmic and should be more linear; 2) the lack of depth in the end-game (while the map system mechanics itself are pretty original, is just not enough 'things to do'); 3) the gameplay itself, which pose a problem when adding genuine (non-gear checking) difficulty to the game.

So what if you could chain Core Malachai or Uber Atziri? Most people would get bored very fast once their characters can run them, and it actually does not take insane gear to do so, just the right build and knowledge.

However, if you play temporal leagues with no wealth and do some moderate trading (yeah I know, the horror, but is how the game is designed), unless you are doing a FOTM faceroll build, the game progression in difficulty, content and gear seems mostly balanced from my experience in WB. I haven't mapped enough since last changes to know if the curve around lvl 75-77 map drops has actually improved enough (I experienced the problem first hand though). And that's how they probably balance the game, based on the average player actual experience. Now for the other problems, unfortunately they are harder to fix/change, if ever, so don't hold your breadth because there are limitations to what the designers can do with the game they have, but I'm sure GGG will try.

In that context, too, raising the drop chance of those rare uniques seems a good option (despite 'sky is falling crowd')

P.S: BTW I must add that this further de-feudalizes PoE economy, which is good (and why some people is moaning), and it has been the way GGG has rightly taken since many patches ago (started with the addition of boxes, later masters, etc.). So the game is in much better shape than it used to be on release at least.