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Shogen wrote:
Chris wrote:
Hmm.. actually nothing new, I see no changes to end game maps ..
Interested on minimap change a bit, but that was it =(

I hope patches get better like the first ones where you could see so many new things..

These aren't the full patch notes - they're just some changes that we wanted to discuss so that you can see some of what's coming up in the next week.

For example, new uniques!

Any new skills?

We don't need new skills, we need more balanced skills, we want more viable skills not just dumb LA spamming killing everything offscreen.
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Some people play the game, others make it a lifestyle.

I play the game, I don't have time to grind 24/7 to obtain uber gear and farm maps nor I have the currency to invest in maps since I'm spending it to obtain that better equipment. These changes finally give me the possibility to run safer zones without the drop penalty and I really appreciate it. At the moment I'm basically stuck: can't farm higher level maps because I die but it's pointless to grind docks or other areas since I don't get currency or exp (still need 11 points to finish my build, lvl 75 atm). The fact is that now everyone can obtain currency and good drops even outside maps, but maps remain THE endgame option for those hardcore nolife players and even for those like me once they have the gear and lvl needed.

Finally some nice changes! Thanks GGG!

PS: the skill balance sound awesome! I hope you change the actual situation of builds: LA [put random class here].
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If going for BM, are the starting nodes from marauder tree absolutely necessary?
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