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Completed 20 ChallengesArchwizard wrote:
Completed 20 Challengesgreg2367 wrote:
so GGG, you can MANUALLY, INDIVIDUALLY restore player characters that died to your own 'bug' of carrion queen damage value(s), but you are now refusing to restore players' items that were literally deleted solely by your own mistakes, through no fault of the players themselves? Hell, they didn't even have knowledge of it, let alone fault.

Chris was right, you guys DID set a dangerous precedent when you restored those characters. Now you're all hypocrites, RIP.

I love you guys, always have (and you even fixed desync, something I thought impossible even for you guys!), but this is just inconsistent, unprofessional, shameful behavior.

final verdict:

You understand that the logging of those two events (character death vs. item deletion) is totally different right?

People also need to realize that "deletion" means deleted from memory, be it via /destroy, dropping in town, selling to a vendor, being in an instance when it despawns, etc. We don't know what their logging fully looks like, so commenting on it is asinine. It's also asinine to say they should have set logging up "in case this random glitch causes tiny bits of memory to be set to 0" AND that that is even possible.

To people thinking that GGG did this maliciously, or makes comments like "I hope they leave our other stuff alone", just wow. You really think GGG ever wants to make it less fun for people to play their game?

Folks that think GGG is lying about their logging/ability to restore items: get off the forums. If you don't believe what GGG says, there's really no point in being here.

People who don't want to support anymore: that's your right. I think you're stupid, but it's your right. GGG works damned hard to make a great game, talk to their players, listen to their players, and be up front with what's going on in their Dev world. They also happen to be human, which means shit happens. It's how they handle that shit that defines the company. If you think GGG is bad, I think you need to set more realistic expectations. Call Comcast or something and then tell me GGG is bad.

You can call me stupid if you want, but GGG could have easily said "we will work hard to try and differentiate legitimate item deletions, and deletions due to the memory corruption that happened because of our mistake. please message support if you are missing items."

But they specifically just said that they are intentionally and categorically doing nothing.

If you think that's the right way to handle this, speak up again and defend it, instead of just calling people "stupid".