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For a templar who hasn't been played for around 2 years and has no stats input etc.. would you say this is a decent build? I want something to use the character for.

I was looking I can get into your skill tree with these two methods, one is a lot of spell damage the other is a lot of mana recovery, what would you suggest as the "better" of the two having played?

I was thinking of the mana regen path myself

Not sure which arena it was, they don't seem to be named? Or at least I can't find where they are in chat box or anything

anyway, one of the portals back to town spawns on a rock, it's too high for players to enter.. this is on the blue teams side where this portal spawns, I assume that should narrow it down enough for you guys to find

it was a swampy kind of arena, had wrecked boats and such.