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f4sak3n wrote:
Why do people misspell Standard in this manner? The "common-sense answer" is that it's like a text-based accent, an unconscious error. But that doesn't make sense. Accents are caused by psychomotor conditioning. The neural pathways that deal with speaking and hearing as well as the muscles in the throat, tongue and lips become conditioned to behaving in certain, set patterns which results in an accent. But none of these (beyond the inevitable connection/linkage to the parts of the brain that deal with reading since speaking and reading are interconnected) affect writing/typing.

I', convinced that it must be a conscious thing. You see the word "standard" multiple times a day simply by browsing these boards, you must be aware of the right and wrong way to spell so I can't help but conclude that this typo is a deliberate, conscious choice. Which brings me back to the why ...

Is it a meme? A fashion statement (damn forum hipsters ...)? For shits and giggles? An alternative 1337 speek? A sign of being in the super-secret-cool-kids-club? Expressing pride in your nationality/language by gairaigo-rizing (or whatever your national equivalent is) an English word?

Or simply some other form of mental blind-spot? i.e. seeing a word spelled one way for years and years doesn't guarantee that you are conscious of the correct way to spell it.

amusing rant, but the short answer is that cyrillic alphabet languages spell standard with a T at the end and those people you talk about see the word spelled that way for most of their everyday lives
IGN - friendlymonster // You must construct additional pylons.

item type = belt - not even close
belt type = rustic - duurrrrrr

now skip to the week 3 poll
IGN - friendlymonster // You must construct additional pylons.

my staff that solo'd palace domino, death and taxes, olmec, etc., and got me to level 90
selling it for 200 cows and a sheep in standard
it is OP because you can put a blue spell in it and another 4 blue supports, if they happen to be lighting even more OP


amusingly once I "upgraded" to 6link pledge I lost all interest until next league
IGN - friendlymonster // You must construct additional pylons.