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I am a little bit frustrated with the strongboxes myself atm. Yesterday I ripped my one month guy with 5k life and 75% fire resistance at merci docks, when I opened a blue box. I clicked, screen froze for 2 seconds and when it resumed it turned out 20 fire dogs have spawned on top of me and started blasting. It was only a few weeks ago when someone posted a video where they opened a box and 20 devourers spawned, they even used warp and it just desynced them back to box to get oneshot. The main problem is you can open a 1000 boxes and be fine and when you least expect it something completely out of your control is going to happen.

I am concerned about these things getting added fulltime the core game in their current form because at some point I would consider just not opening them ever if there is a 0.1% chance that it will be an insta death, but then again GGG is balancing drop rates accounting for boxes, exiles, etc.. so it gets even more frustrating to think about it.

I don't think the community should justify the obvious technical problems with stongboxes by saying there are ways around them. I am perfectly aware of timing warps, mines and other movement tricks to avoid death by stongbox. But the fact you have to resort to such things in the first place shows there is a problem. And more so these methods are not even 100% effective.

I just hope the devs are sure what they are doing before integrating the boxes in the core game especially in the hardcore leagues.
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It's hard not to be negative, when it is such an obvious garbage unique.

First of all it doesn't have any significant physical damage so I will treat it like a bad staff with no block and bias strongly against rolling blue slots.

If anyone is suicidal enough to not wear a shield in hardcore they can just dual wield divinarius and get close to 280 crit/140 spell damage which happens at lvl66 and is way better than 360% crit chance at lvl90; the 20% aoe also being better for some spells. Even 2 blue Platinum kris of Ruin can match that crit chance for basically free. Not to mention potential rare daggers with spell damage and crit multi rolls. If you think that 360% crit chance from a two hander at lvl90 is significant in any shape or form I feel bad for you.

Giving up a shield and any caster mods so that you can save 1 gem slot for 6% life leech is not worth it under any circumstances(btw the gem is 8.8%, which is about 50% better and happens to apply on all hits, not just crits). The concept of opportunity cost is lost on you.

Very amusing joke suggesting using it with kaoms, if you have the currency to 6link that and paint it with enough blue offcolors and buy a kaoms(all in hardcore fresh league) you are going to spend said imaginary currency on something else, I guarantee you.

The suggestion to use it for keeping the unique granite up is also bad. You give up the block from a shield and any other defensive stats so that you can get the block from a flask that you have to press a key every 5 seconds to keep up. And since you are not wearing a shield in the first place you can't even max the block, which defeats the entire purpose of going for block chance in the first place. The mf flask is used one time to cull bosses so it doesn't matter if you can refresh it fast or not. And diamond flask just lol, there is no space for a single diamond flask on the belt in hc, let alone 2 of them. And flasks in general refresh themselves fast enough when killing monsters with good clear speed. The "gains charges on crit" only holds significance in a prolonged boss fights with no adds.

The saddest part is that all you "master theorycrafters" are never ever going to do anything with this.

It is not just a weak item, it is an absolutely awful useless piece of garbage in its current form.

Maybe you should cheer for Veil of the night too, to be consistent?
IGN - friendlymonster // You must construct additional pylons.

there are some affixes that have 2 lines of text
IGN - friendlymonster // You must construct additional pylons.