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Completed 1 Challengeunsane wrote:
Well the point of posting on reddit is that it's a forum where you will not be censored. We can have this exact same discussion, except with all the facts and no censorship.

Again, even if i post this information with villain name revealed, how would people who know nothing about racing be able to understand what i'm trying to prove here? And i'm pretty sure i still would not be allowed to post links to hack forums there.

Tried looking at the crypt farming splits in 1 hour solo races, unfortunately there are so few of them that it's hard to come up with something solid.


Once again the villain outfarms everyone and has less St Dev for his splits compared to "Winner" (either #1 overall player in that race or #2 overall in case villain was #1), but has the same St Dev as the other templar player ctc, who has competed against the villain on templar the most this season.

Unfortunately there are no splits on poestats for race like DC, and sometimes the splits are lost even for normal races. I would like to have the data that Lyralei suggested (having a script that gathers all the xp changes from live race), but it's impossible to get it once the race has ended.

I've tried looking into the periods of time when the cheating software was broken. It gets broken after every patch and according to the hack forum it was broken 3 times this racing season:
- Patch 1.1.4c - June 19
- Patch 1.1.5 - July 2
- Patch 1.1.5b - July 4

I can't find out the exact time the software was fixed, because the hack forum uses a strange time format for posts, it just says that the post was made 2 weeks ago for example. Even if i went under the assumption that the software was fixed within 1-2 days, i still need the exact hours when patch was deployed and when the software was fixed. Without this information i would go too far into the land of assumptions, besides the results of villain on the day of the patch and the day after that don't differ from his usual performance from what i've seen.

I think i've ran out of ideas and data to analyze, so im gonna send GGG the email tomorrow and hopefully i'll get a response on monday.
Well mallow, i'm surprised to see the first person to be handed a temporarily ban for maphacking. Let me change the question then, has anyone seen a person getting permanently banned (he has red "Banned" in his profile) for using a cheating software in races, not botting or RMTing?

I can't believe some of you are suggesting to post this stuff on reddit. Do you realize how many people there race? How many of them actually understand what racing is and what defines a good racer? Even in this thread you can see people who don't understand what the hell i'm talking about. I'm sorry, Universalis, but your jumping on the subject of zoomhack firestorming and then mentioning some urban legend of 5 sec merveil runs make me realize that you do not understand what cheating in racing really is (your 81 lifetime season points confirm that). It's not breaking the game physics or using speedhacks - it's obtaining more information than possible using illegal ways and then using this information to plan your course of action.

If i post my pictures on reddit, do you realize what the reaction would be?
1) Lol, who cares about racing in PoE, they better fix the desync.
2) Racing is shit, nobody cares about it. <- sad but true.
Completed 1 ChallengeDahrak wrote:
PoE racing is a joke.

3) Man, it's so hard for me to get the 120 points reward when i have a job, a family and have to take out my dog for walks.
4) Wow, there's some new guy on the block who's beating all the old guard and one of them is so butthurt that he spends 5 hours everyday drawing up shitty tables in Excel that have a lot of numbers and prove nothing.

How do you expect me to make them understand that it's highly improbable to start beating people like Rithz and janimauk on shadow in burst races, because they have been winning them for 4-5 seasons. For them Rithz and janimauk are empty words, people they have no knowledge of. How do you expect them to understand that it's impossible to get such consistent results in DC when the race has such a huge variance in zone EXP due to the fact that it's short and you cannot reset zones. For them it's the best race ever (confirmed by amount of people participating) because it differs from the normal game and you get points even if you die. They can also play the cookie-cutter build of witch/templar going flameblast with 2 swords to farm easy points.

You have to be good at something to understand how it works, and you have to understand how something works to be good at it. That's why people who are not good in racing will most likely not understand what i'm talking about here.

I'm glad we have the example of Alkaizer, who came back to PoE racing and is absolutely shit at it compared to his old standards. He even stopped streaming the races once he realized he couldn't win them anymore. To Mors and me that's all the proof we ever needed about him. You might say that he hasn't played PoE for a while, that he was playing RoS. Let me remind you that he came back at the very end of Season 4 after being 1,5 months away and almost set 2 signature records in a turbo signature race.

I will email Qarl when i have all the information that i'm able to gather from open sources and when i have my thoughts sorted out. Will probably again look like a personal crusade against another player. But i just love racing and care about it :(