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Turns out i'm getting senile and spread some misinformation here. Here's the DW cleave tooltip from my S4 shadow run (before the nerf) with a rare ring that gives me 1-5 light damage:


The same ring also gave me 1-2 cold damage, so the tooltip actually showed the old 80% penalty even then.

Tooltip with 1-5 light dmg ring looks like this now:


You can see the difference, and it's quite big. Obviusly the example is not that great with such small amount of added elemental damage and rounding operations playing a significant role here. I'm not even sure how to interpret the "do up to 2 lightning damage". Is that 0-2 ?

I would like to test it with larger numbers, say 1-100 light damage, but unfortunately it's not possible anymore, i don't have an old PoE server lying around :) Guess i'll try looking at Kripp's VODs tomorrow, since all mine are long gone. I could have sworn that back in S1-2 if you had a 1-15 light ring, the tooltip showed that both of your weapons did additional 1-15 light damage.
On the previous page Tag tested cleave and you can see that 1 iron ring gave him 1-3 phys dmg instead of 1-4. 1-4 * 0,65 = 1-3 , so the penalty is still there, thats not how the old cleave worked.