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Updated build with new equipment. DPS if effectively more than double now. The build is also oriented towards a lot of crits (28% to 35% chance and 420% crit modifier) with power charges in use. Which makes things a lot easier, in all situations explained in the build's mechanics.


Passive skill tree (still lvl 81):
Not so. I pawned him fairly easily, in all difficulty modes.
Merciless requires a good party, with at least one summoner with lots of minions, and a tank or buffer. You don't go in there alone or with a full melee party. Especially given the aura party boost on the 1.0 version. Plus, you need a very well-balanced character. I survived a lightning blast in front of him, with lvl74 Ranger, with 2.7K HP which, to me, seems ridiculous (I should have been 1-shotted to outer space). The fight is hard but of course it's meant to be that way and could be even harder. The HP mob boost when in party is very enjoyable too. Adds a lot to the balance, after the changes in 1.0. To my opinion, the boss fight should be at least 2x harder than what it is now.
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