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The KBKB2999226 prerequisite also comes with redistributable packages, so it may be included with the application, but needs Windows version control, to install the proper package:

This also makes it possible for Windows 8.0 support (not tested).
This KB will still depend on 2919355 (Win 8.1), 976932 (Win 7) and 948465 (Vista) which most people already have.
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read the post though, says the patch is between 1.2-1.5GB, why the hell do i have to download 7.3 GB? Reading furthe rit states downloading now only downloads to the latest patch, meaning they wnat us to compeltely reinstall the game FOR NO REASON.

The torrent is that big yea, i saw something about 500mb or something like that in the initial post too. And the poe folder is around 7.06GB But what makes you think dling the whole thing is going to screw up anything? That is what I am getting from your post. Do you understand the patching process at all? YOu know how you copy a folder from one location to another. What happens to files that are already in that location with windows or any other os? They scream and yell and let you know. I can only assume that's how the patching process works. HOnestly, I can't give a definitive answer unless GGG comes out and says something. Does it matter too much. If people are torrenting it, the more people that dl and upload it the faster the dl goes.

you CLEALRY have no idea what the issue i have is. I dont assume anythign is going to be screwwed up, hat i want to know is why the hell im being told to download a 7.3 GB torrent for patch thats only suppsoed to be 1.5 GB. they are LITERALLY saying to downlaod the ENTIRE GAME again. Not only that, but downloading this 7.3 GB torrent does NOT give you the patch, it only gives you the msot current patch to 2.1.2, so why bother? why downlaod an incomplete, full redownloading of the game?

The torrent file will always provide the ENTIRE file "content.ggpk" game content file; cannot be otherwise, since patching can only be done internally, by the game client, while downloading and patching, simultaneously and then verifying the data file (so you can't just download the patch from a torrent file and have it work). Downloading the torrent file does not have the meaning of downloading less. It has the meaning of downloading before most people do, so you can have an earlier access to the game, once servers go live. Makes sense, since completing the labyrinth 1st is recorded in the ladder and on top of this, the 1st one to do this today will be historically recorded.
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