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Windows 10 font protection goes through Windows Firewall. If you have it disabled or stopped, fonts will fail to install or register.
If you have this service disabled, simply make it automatic and start it and the game should work. You can always disable windows Firewall from its settings, if you need to run any other software, but the service itself needs to be up and running.
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Chris wrote:
Version 2.0.0h
Fixed a bug where cancelling a PvP queue could sometimes prevent you from joining in the future.

Is this fixed for characters which have already had this bug (already clicked on the button, before the patch was commited, and could not join the PvP)?
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I have this error too.
I'm not so sure the issue is related to sound card drivers and other stuff, people are speculating, in various Forum threads.
I'm under the impression it has to do with the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages used for the game, Vs the Microsoft Visual C++ compilers version used in various sound and graphics card drivers.
Issue hapenned to me after I made upgrade to all latest Microsoft Visual C++ components and removed the old versions I kept side by side.
Re-installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 to 2012, prior SP1 versions, alongside with the new ones, seem to fix the problem.
We could use an official verification from the support team on this, because it is a long-tems unresolved issue, for many players.
"Failed to initialise", usually means the game could not create a DirectX access interface for the selected gfx or sound device.
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