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I have this error too.
I'm not so sure the issue is related to sound card drivers and other stuff, people are speculating, in various Forum threads.
I'm under the impression it has to do with the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages used for the game, Vs the Microsoft Visual C++ compilers version used in various sound and graphics card drivers.
Issue hapenned to me after I made upgrade to all latest Microsoft Visual C++ components and removed the old versions I kept side by side.
Re-installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 to 2012, prior SP1 versions, alongside with the new ones, seem to fix the problem.
We could use an official verification from the support team on this, because it is a long-tems unresolved issue, for many players.
"Failed to initialise", usually means the game could not create a DirectX access interface for the selected gfx or sound device.
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Having noticed frequent latency spikes, on a 60ms connection, I am wondering if there are other factors affecting latency.
For example, we occasionally have to sync with notifications from the friends list (status updates, online user statuses, and more). Even if these could be push and not pull architecture notifications, I am not sure if they could affect the in-game latency. Therefore, in such a case, maybe it could help if the social panel contents (and all of its notifications) could optionally load on demand (for example load / refresh the friends list and the notifications only when you have actively opened the social panel). Not sure if the same server architecture is used for the chat functionality too, in which case it would mean global chat disabling, unless enabled on demand; therefore, 2 separate architectures one for in-game party chatting and one for everything else could help.
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Trading ability and accumulation of the Divination Cards = paper money = instant inflation.
I believe they should be non-tradeable and, on top of this, each player should have maximum available slots for Divination Cards, so he has to spend a few, before getting new ones.