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You´re right but I was talking about fixing OP stuff in pve first so that would solve smth in pvp too.

I should stay I´ve played lld mostly so I can´t judge hld (RT works in lld well etc)

I had played diablo2 PvP with rules but these were being created during years (by its comunity, devs didn´t care, pvp penalty existed though).

We had only a few pvp builds in diablo2 but here ... the complexity of the game is insane .. yeah it´s pain to balance it.
Some skills are always better than others (due to its mechanic, special effects etc) so atleast those should be balanced well.

I don´t expect they would balance every skill or possible combination, don´t expect much.
So reducing damage output and some OP shit would be a good start.

Rupenus - As I stated before, I have tried LLD mostly, some rangers, cycloner, trapper, hybrids (trap+bow), witch ... (just started a bit of pvp during perandus HC season)
It has great potential (many interesting builds around) but without any balance, there´s no real competition.

That´s my point of view.

I know, I too played a combination of restricted and random duel game PvP in Diablo for years.

LLD as different as it is still shares quite a few core problems with HLD and you're right balancing skills in PvM directly affects us. What's strong now is used pretty universally between both types of player.

Oh and RT works just fine in HLD too, it's just some skills are gimped by PvP reductions while other's aren't. Or the fact crit potential has raised the damage ceiling so high that it's nearly impossible without mashing health flasks/blind/enfeeble/crit reduction/a prayer that you can out dps/survive a face to face with a crit user that's in good gear. Why first and foremost crit needs to be lowered in PvP then you balance around the new "ceiling".

True, but the point is, it is becoming more of a math and gear contest than an enjoyable experience. You can always stay competitive, if you invest much time and effort, but to my opinion, this should not make new players get so much frustrated and disappointed.
That and the lack of a real incentive in normal PvP, has made most of us spend *some* time in the Arena and that's it.
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Using or not Vaal Pact, depends usually on the combination of cast speed + total damage received by the opponent. did a lot of experimentation, I m better off without it and I max a total of 13K cold per volley, without the crits (the passive regen from the leech is so much better, HOWEVER, in the case where you do receive tons of damage, like in hard bosses, fast cast speed + some good damage + Vaal pact IS even better).
Slow hits + big damage, usually means Vaal Pact is one way, but you can experiment. Given that jkruede helped, I suspect you must have quite a lot cast speed, so you could experiment without it. For reflect mobs, just a 2ndary trap or chaos setup would do it.
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Great build, as always; I'll be happy to PvP you.

A couple of suggestions I have, for testing purposes, when you use that legendary staff, after June 3rd:

- Dual Call of the Brotherhood
- Added Cold (in place of BCR)
- Elemental proliferation (in place of life leech)
(Supposing you already have some good AoE)

- Dual Call of the Brotherhood
- Concentrated Effect (in place of life leech)

You can skip the golem and add add a CWDT Warlord. Molten Shell also isn't that effective, I;m not sure how much you can scale the damage output (even with the crits), since the character is not designed to stay in range.
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