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I would definitely put the key to good use. Been around the block when it comes to gaming and betas. As far as games tested that i've been a part of i'll and list the games according to date that I can remember.

Shadowbane: Closed/Open Beta - March 2001
Neocron: Closed/Open Beta - October 2002
Lineage 2: Closed/Open Beta - November 2002
Planetside: Beta - January 2003?
Guild Wars: Open Beta - December 2004
Ferentus: Open Beta - November 2005
Darkfall: Closed? 2008
Guildwars 2: Closed 1 December 2011
Path of Exile: Closed September 2011?
Diablo 3: Friends and Family to Closed 2012
Planetside 2: November 2012
Firefall: Closed Invite Only March 2013

There are a few other games that I know I missed but this is a good chunk of them. Anyways, I hope I get a key soon, looking forward to playing!

Still need a key :(
Im curious to know why they don't sell just the beta key for a smaller amount. I'd buy a key but don't really care about the other stuff that comes with the supporter package. If they just straight up sold a key for $5 they would get a lot more sales instead of trying to push/market one for $30 with the supporter package.