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heiter1 wrote:
Better fix map drops and stop slowing the game down for the top 1% of players or your going to lose a lot of interest.

Yea its pretty dumb the way it is. Few of us are around 80ish and we are forced to go back and farm level 68/69 constantly. If that's the way they intended then people will quit right away. Nobody in their right mind wants to go backwards in character progression that way.

Edit: Honestly in my opinion the "grind" or the tough to get level should be around the 95 to 100 mark. Forcing people to stop or slow down by limiting map level drops is pretty lame imo.
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Fix map drop rates please. I don't want to be level 83 forced into farming 68/69 level maps. Going backwards in character progression= bad, bad= boring, boring= quit.
Does CoC work with Icestorm though? Ive been messing with the staff and I can't seem to get it to work. Im trying to use Ice Nova on the staff and have it trigger Icestorm with CoC, but can't seem to get it to work.