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Perq wrote:
Well, it kind of doesn't make sense tho. You can only do this because monster AI is dumb :V.

I think this shouldn't be possible. As well as Cauldron Witch exploding herself in duo boss maps.

Why does it not make sense? In both cases they are 2 seperate mobs, with the aura it says allies cannot be killed the clone is an ally and vice versa. With the witch she isnt blowing herself up but a clone which is a seperate entity.
It does not completely disable the player, and as others pointed out there are counters.
Why does it not make sense or break immersion? Creatures move, they have varied ranges and while some yes have specific areas they reside in that is not always the case. Add to that there is currently something corrupting the areas, so why cant they be showing up in places they dont normally? Also really people have issues with the Blackguard showing up? They are humans and a military force it would be less likely for them to be restricted.