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thank you, gonna check back in few month....

Shame developers ignoring PVP community...
So I stopped playing a while back..... thought I'd check in to see if any of the changes I was hoping for were implemented....

Could someone please answer a few question.>??

Has there been added any way to perma kill a player in hardcore league?? Besides the bandits.
Any permanent cut throat league?
A Hostile button????

Could someone please answer those qs?

Would a developer be kind enough to reply to this inquiry.

Will we be ever able to kill another player in hardcore? I know the current PVP system does not allow for that, all forms of PVP do not have perma death in hardcore.

Will there ever be a way to duel to the death, or a way to go hostile against another player with the end result in having him permanently killed in Hardcore???

Please respond.
Patiently waiting