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Is there a permanent Cut Throat league ? Or is it just a temporary event?
Hi, I left POE long time ago, well, never really got into it for the lack of PVP in the game....

I check from time to time to see of any of my fav features were ever implemented.....

I dont keep my breath, but could anyone answer me a few questions?

1. Has there been a permanent cut throat league or something similar implemented?
2. Is there a hostile button by any chance?
3. I there any way, besides the bandit quest, to permanently kill someone in hardcore league?
4. Besides ranking, is there a new reward for PVP? Are there at least like a stats page somewhere that shows toll kills and toll death? Or something alike?

Could someone please kindly respond?

I have been following this game since its closed beta start.
I have stopped playing (never really started) due to the lack of PVP options....
It has been several month now since I read anything regarding POE...
I would love to immerse into the world of wraeclast, but cant find myself having fun without the decent PVP model...

Would someone please update me, is there a way to perma kill another player in hardcore mode? (besides the bandits quest) Is there a perma Cut throat league or similar? Has there been a hostile button added??

If none of these have been implemented, what kind of changes in any been done to the PVP???