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Thousands more people would flock to this game myself included if at least there was a tiny effort in making PVP meaningful.

Make death in a hardcore duel permanent (well, removal from HC league), insight some interest and gamble in the PVP. Risk/reward.....

but I am preaching to the quire..... Just still frustrated that GGG lied about many PVP features that they promised to implement since closed beta when I begam supporting and playing this game.

Had so much more potential.....
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GGG tried to give it more attention by dedicating an entire patch for it, but it wasnt well recieved by a good chunck of the community that is interested in PvE only.

That's why you implement a hostile button.....

That would stir things up and all of a sudden people are interested in PVP and are engaged in it.

Its like manual traveling in MMORPGS. Everyone hates it, spending time on manually running through various zones to just get places. But that's what keeps the "Thriving game" feel. Moment you implement teleport/summoning/heartstones/warping or w/e other option, the game feels dead, empty. Everyone congests at capitals and doesn't venture out anywhere, staying in queue for battlegrounds/dungeons. A player progressing through the world doesnt have encounters, doesnt see other players and the game feels dead.....

same with PVP, ppl dont participate in it because it can be avoided and is not really a part of the game, viewed as newsense and inconvenience.

That hostile button is half the reason Diablo II outlived Diablo III and is still more popular.

Look on, Diablo LOD has more viewers then Diablo III and POE
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You don't honestly seem interested in PvP... you want a game that allows you to grief. That can be fun, but this isn't the game for it.

And why do you make an assumption as such?

I am looking for a game with PVP, meaningful PVP..

I thought this game included multiple modes besides just the Sarn arena.
Isnt there a duel option>? Or some form of battleground I heard about