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Just for my reference




Q. Why Witch?
A. 100% for the hipster factor

Q. Your gear sucks and you suck
A. no u

no #YOLO Vaal on the Alpha Howl? :c
hi everyone.. ZiggyD had a nice idea for a build in his Patch 1.1.5 Unique Item Preview and i want to try it but iam not sure how to build it in the passive Tree.

the plan is to use Ice Spear + the new Unique Ring Pyre + Three Dragons Mask. My gem setup in a 4L would be: Ice Spear > LMP > Life Leech > Faster Casting/Echo 5L + Cold/Fire? Penetration 6L + Crit DMG

the build i patched togheter looks like this

is this OK or would you guys change something?
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