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Interesting, i thought it was only me not seeing the arrows from ice shot. Got killed a couple of times from offscreen without knowing what actually happened.

On a related note, I always thought it was odd that ice shot has a damage effectivness (120%) similar to burning arrow (130%), although it is mechanically much closer to lightning arrow, which has only a damage effectiveness of 70%.
There was no real effort from GGG to balance pvp in the past. They made a few changes and never cared to look at the results. It's not like it's hard to see what the problems are. There is enough feedback for such a small playerbase, but GGG never listens to any feedback unless it's from a streamer. I don't even think GGG could handle a larger playerbase, as they are already unable to respond to such a small community.

They introduced new damage formula to avoid one-shots (even writing a post about it), but people get one-shotted even more than ever, so as a consequence, the formula would have to be revised since the goal has not been reached. What did GGG do? Nothing.

They introduced premade chars for PvP, everyone complained that they were pointless, drawing new players away from pvp rather than beeing a stepping stone. I never saw a positive post about the premade chars. Not a single reason for them to exist. Did GGG change anything about it at all? No

They added events like FFA which were very buggy, people complained about the bugs. Most of the bugs (like ranking popping up during fight) should be really easy to fix, yet GGG has changed absolutly nothing, they just removed almost all of those events from the schedule. So you can play Blitz everyday..

They focused on LLD because they said it was easier to balance (I switched to LLD because of that reason), but then they failed to follow up with some actual balancing, making me question the existence of this mode. They should have "focused" on HLD, since HLDers were waiting for almost 2 years already. You can't really blame those people if they have given up on giving useful feedback, GGGs behaviour towards them has been disrespectful to say the least. Actually they have always been ignored.

I personally have given up on thinking that pvp will ever be a success in this game. I'm still playing because i have invested a lot of time in my chars already, but if i were a new player, i wouldnt see a single reason to participate with so many issues unadressed. People say GGG is working on act4, but that doesnt justify having not a single person in charge for PVP after they released a big upddate that was supposed to draw a lot of new people in.
Don't know about Melee vs Melee, but in LLD Melee vs Ranged Smoke Mine is pretty much the only thing that can save you from a fast flicker + cyclone.

And it's not like Smoke Mine is really spammable for a ranged player, you need to put down another mine before you can activate it again, you need to get away from it, then be sure that there is not an obstacle between you and the mine (on the server that is, so if you're desynced you already lost). Also you always have to hope that the mine doesnt get destroyed by some aoe skill.

Meanwhile flicker is much easier/faster to spam for melee without any skill needed, it just always works and even resync you with the server. This wouldn't actually be a problem if certain melee skills like cyclone didn't do so much damage in LLD.

Also skills like Blink Arrow only work if you use them before the flicker actually happens, if you start to shoot a blink arrow after a cycloner flickered on top on you, you are usually dead before the arrow hits the ground. And if not, than you have probably wasted a lot of pots and you will be dead with the next flicker.