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Only problem I see with a reduced block support are crit flicker builds, but those builds will have to be nerfed at some point anyway. If they increased the pvp damage penalty a reduced block support would make sense and indeed make pvp a lot smoother.

MrDigital wrote:
Yes, if it is really Block Penetration Im out of PVP. We dont need this, every good sword block reduce char can easy beat me, Hauntworld has a Freezing Pulse Char I cant beat even with 78% Spell Block and Shadowofthefall, forget it. Block is totaly useless then.

If they reduced overall spike damage, Aegis builds like yours would probably benefit the most from it, so there needs to be something to counterbalance it.

Completed 2 ChallengesHilbert wrote:
Backstab.... not a support gem.

Completed 1 ChallengePoorJoy wrote:
chill protection shield to balance CT. which will fail ofc.

CT is not pvp for me and can't really be balanced, as it seems to revolve around catching people off guard. And a support gem wouldn't help much unless you get it from Hillock in act 1 norm.
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