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Don't know about Melee vs Melee, but in LLD Melee vs Ranged Smoke Mine is pretty much the only thing that can save you from a fast flicker + cyclone.

And it's not like Smoke Mine is really spammable for a ranged player, you need to put down another mine before you can activate it again, you need to get away from it, then be sure that there is not an obstacle between you and the mine (on the server that is, so if you're desynced you already lost). Also you always have to hope that the mine doesnt get destroyed by some aoe skill.

Meanwhile flicker is much easier/faster to spam for melee without any skill needed, it just always works and even resync you with the server. This wouldn't actually be a problem if certain melee skills like cyclone didn't do so much damage in LLD.

Also skills like Blink Arrow only work if you use them before the flicker actually happens, if you start to shoot a blink arrow after a cycloner flickered on top on you, you are usually dead before the arrow hits the ground. And if not, than you have probably wasted a lot of pots and you will be dead with the next flicker.

I think it's a big mistake to wait yet another season before starting to balance things. Is GGG seriously waiting until like the majority of players are all playing the same few builds? The longer GGG waits, the more people will figure out the broken combinations and commit to builds based on them.

People will be either quitting Pvp because of the unbalance or they will be adapting to use those strong skills.
This means that when nerfs to those strong skills are incoming, a lot of the remaining people will be frustrated, and more people could leave the scene.

Now is the time to make changes in Pvp, otherwise just more people will stop playing, waiting it out just doesn't make sense at all. Pvp is in a horrible state right now, having almost only Blitz events everyday doesn't help either, it makes some builds even more broken, but does GGG want to balance around that mode?