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Before Patch 1.2 i was dealing 7.400 dps
but even in 78 and double dominus maps with whatever mods i was doing ok DMG...
DMG was never a problem with this build because no matter how much time it takes to kill a mob or a boss because you just cannot die :P
i haven't "fully" tested this build on all maps on 1.2 but up to 72-73 maps is still the same old good super tank ;) ill post as soon as i test it on higher maps and atziri etc. ...
The gear:

DPS at 7000
Mitigation at 74% with 1 granite max.
ES at 4000~ with discipline
only mod i had a problem with is Corrupted blood, but a remove bleed potion solves this problem.
By any means i'm not an expert player...
Just sharing my experience to help.
I'm still waiting for Evelyus opinion on the build too...
But i hope this gets you going ;)
I worked on this build for 2 days now and this is the best solution atm.
We lose some ES but nothing crazy, and we lose 3% spell block but from my testing seems ok.
We still get max mitigation with just 1 granite without we sit on 74% mitigation which is NICE!
we gain a bit of DPS. And keep in mind, this is the CI TANK version.
All my gear is legacy so i dont know if it works with no legacy atm ill be testing some more.

With a SoulTaker you can run 4 auras Grace, Discipline, Determination and Tempest shield.

heres the tree. hope this helps. :)
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