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What's with people saying: "50$ for a pet? No way."?

Did you not see that you get 45$ worth of points with the Pet et cetera?

Even the highest pack is 440$ worth of points and all the stuff in it is "free".

“Demons run when a good man goes to war"
kornomanus wrote:
It's not about me not being happy. I am really happy, actually, and have used it for the past months. It's just that my past characters used either 2handers or a sword&board so I never noticed. And since I used it for so long I do not think a refund would be the way to go.

To me it feels kinda unfair to people who choose different playstyle. The MTX itself looks amazing when it really feels like your weapon is imbued with fire - which is the case with any 2h. When put on a 1H it looks just lackluster and because the fire is so vibrant, it overshadows any other weapon effect. As if GGG would emphasize playing with a 2h.

And to make it clear: I know this game is f2p and that MTX is their income. I've spent more money on PoE than I did on any other game and it wasn't because of the MTX, even though I enjoy it very much.
Since we are supporting the game I think it would be fair to not force you to buy the same MTX a second time just so your offhand can have the effect. It feels forced upon. I'd say either make a offhand version for much cheaper or let it work like the supporter ones work.

I do not run this business and am prepared to be corrected since I do not think that making people buy the same MTX twice is what makes GGG run financially. As for me, and for many others I believe, they just buy packs because they like the game and if something catches their eye in the shop - they get it with the points previously purchased.

So yeah... dunno if I'm talking to a brick wall and wasting my and your time, dear reader, but I'd be really happy if, when a solution is unthinkable, someone could explain to me the reasoning behind this except for "that's the way they run it".


GGG has the numbers and it seems to be working for them since they never changed it. I can't tell you anything else since I don't work for them.
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"
Another thing

The "Smart Blood" did jack shit for the plot/movie. The car was seen for 2minutes and was crashed and forgotten maybe 20 minutes in. "Spectre", you know, the organisaion the movie was named after. A 5 - 10 minute scene with the "organisation" and after that it didn't even matter anymore.

God that movie was infuraiting.
I honestly considered keeping my eyes shut and sleep for the rest every now and then.
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"