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Serapis182 wrote:

...but for christ sakes this is super tough for the normal difficulty. I am not saying make it easy as it should be difficult, but how the heck do you expect someone of the current level to do this if i can not at 83.

This part is where you are wrong.

Traps are the same difficulty no matter what level you have, because their damage is percentage based.

I think poison darts deal 25% of your life as damage.

So whether you are lvl 80 with 6000 life or lvl 36 with 2000. The amount of damage compared to your max life is the same in that you can get hit by 4 darts in a row and you die (without any heal or regen).
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If you use the Lioneyes unique Bow (hits can't be evaded) and the damage get's reflected, you won't be able to evade the reflect.
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"
Can anybody explain why the Perandus Vendor goes away after somebody purchases an item? There are few enough reasons to party as it is... There is no experience bonus, there is an iir/iiq bonus but then if items are allocated there's a high chance of not getting good items. The only practical reason to party is if you need help questing, but then parties make enemies stronger so your character is more likely to die in a party.

I wish there were an experience bonus in parties, and I wish the Perandus Vendor stayed so everybody in a party could buy their item.

Some people just enjoy playing with their friends.
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"