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So you want a bunch of people go mega-nolife(top 35 lol) in a game they don't want to play for a minuscule chance to play the game they want to play. New levels of fail achieved, congrats. If only you had the balls to make an official statement that Act4 is not yet done and you need at least 2 more months to finish it. This beta charade is getting more pathetic by the day.

Holy shit. They already made an official statement that Act 4 is not yet done.
In the same statement they announced the Beta.
You know what a beta is for right? Testing unfinished content.

1st everybody cried because the players with thousands of hours etc. don't get instant beta access.

Now everybody is crying because the "no-lifers" that have probably invested the most time will be the ones winning these races and get Beta keys.

Who will be the next to cry? Guess right and win a Beta Key.
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"
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Anyone who purchased a supporter pack and all should have been first in line. How can the same streamers who bring money into the DEV's pockets alway get access to everything. Surely not thepeople who were previously banned for botting. There was a also a problem with 11211 which seems avoidable when Chris canunflagg the act lock on characters from his office computer. GGG is showing similar signs of greed and lack of care to the people whom have exiled for three plus years

You not make all sense.
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"
I know PoE through Google.
Did Google get a Key? I don't think so. :( *throws tantrum*
“Demons run when a good man goes to war"
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