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What I learned from this is that you don't know how to handle the danger of strongboxes and decided to blame the game instead of learning how to deal with strongboxes.

smoke mine, lightning warp, even a portal, all good strategies to avoid dying to strongboxes.
No trading, no partying, no problem.
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It's primarily just block + spell block being insanely good that makes 2h underwhelming. Either block needs to be nerfed, or 2h weapons need at least double the damage of 1h to make up for the risk of 2h melee. Only problem is ranged melee skills like spectral throw and ground slam basically making it impossible to have balance between bows/2h melee, one will always be better than the other as a result.
No trading, no partying, no problem.
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Septile wrote:
Reflect needs to exist.

If it didn't, glass cannon builds would dominate every league as they would be the best way of leveling fast and staying alive with nothing being able to stay alive long enough to hit you. Glass cannon builds are already way better at bosses than tankier builds, so glass cannon is safer due to shorter encounters, encounters that usually involve big hitters. That is their advantage over tanky builds, tanky builds get the advantage of not dying to reflect. If you don't want to die, then make a build where not dying is the primary concern. Otherwise, deal with it.

that reasoning is so 2013...

now the rich just need to slap their god gloves on, while they laugh at the rest of the impoverished masses/temp leaguers who still have to struggle to deal with reflect.

Oh right, I forgot that rampage/beyond are flooded with acuities, only distributed among the people with at least 100ex in their stash.
No trading, no partying, no problem.