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Could you give more details on what you're thinking of? Do you want a more defensively specced witch or offensive? Any particular element you're wanting to spec into? What skills do you want to use?
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Completed 2 ChallengesMorsexier wrote:
They've rethought how they want to format the trees, and I would expect a small touch up to a bunch of nodes and maybe some pathing decisions for marauder to accompany the changes.

Unless that small touch-up made marauders the best life class by a notable margin, I don't see how the new passive tree philosophies would make marauder more favorable. Crit is simply better than what any non-crit build has to offer in both damage and survivability(via quick threat extermination). Outside of cases like mjolner and perma-stun builds.

And chances are, the duelist and templar revamps will solve any problems the marauder has already. Marauder has good paths to get to the templar and duelist trees.
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emitai wrote:
i liked the duelist revamp but can we revamp ranger, marauder and templar? they are in need

Marauder and ranger don't need to be revamped.

The only problem with marauder is that marauder builds are not in favor anymore. He's no longer by far the best life class, and crit is the current meta. They need to either make marauder builds better, or make crit worse.

Ranger just got revamped, wtf. Ranger isn't in need of a revamp at all.
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