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ugh, those swords are AWFUL. If I were to randomly show someone those swords and ask "D3 or PoE?" I'm absolutely confident they would say D3 100% of the time.

They look like maces wrapped in a sword tortilla. Bulky, disproportionate, completely out of place.
The fairy wings pale in comparison to how much these swords shit on the art style.
No trading, no partying, no problem.
What I learned from this is that you don't know how to handle the danger of strongboxes and decided to blame the game instead of learning how to deal with strongboxes.

smoke mine, lightning warp, even a portal, all good strategies to avoid dying to strongboxes.
No trading, no partying, no problem.
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It's primarily just block + spell block being insanely good that makes 2h underwhelming. Either block needs to be nerfed, or 2h weapons need at least double the damage of 1h to make up for the risk of 2h melee. Only problem is ranged melee skills like spectral throw and ground slam basically making it impossible to have balance between bows/2h melee, one will always be better than the other as a result.
No trading, no partying, no problem.