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That's why I put it in spoilers. The deaths were not necessary and artificially inflate the perceived awesomeness of Kaom by having Jonathan die to him three times. We all know most people wouldn't approach the fight the same way.

tbh I've seen enough to be able to say that there are plenty of people who will do worse than Jonathan in the fight. But you're right in that most players that are familiar with PoE and especially the boss fights wouldn't approach the fight the same way.
No trading, no partying, no problem.
Yellow/gold is a consistent theme in lioneye's uniques, so it's not lioneye's. The visor seems a bit too subtle for Doryani, the scepter and belt are rather grandiose in style. Rigvald, Deshret, and Titicus strike me as helmet people, Gravicius as well. Not the types to wear masks.

Which leaves Shavronne, Voll, and Doedre.
I don't think it's Voll, from the avatar the helmet doesn't look very "High Templar" to me. Looking at all of the str/int helmets none of them are visor-like. Maybe Voll is the exception, but I don't think so.

Which leads me to think it's between Shavronne and Doedre. For the same reason as Doryani, I do not think it is Shavronne's. An etched visor seems too simple for someone who bundled themselves up in Shavronne's Wrappings.

The visor has a hint of "evil" to it, Doedre was evil. She wasn't extravagant, simple, but malevolent. Her gloves also have etchings on them.
No trading, no partying, no problem.
GrieverZ wrote:
How you guys tackle the 70-80 grind in HC?

Since I didn't bother doing any trading, my gear was garbage, so I just did safe 69 maps like catacomb, shore, promenade. There were some 70 maps as they were available, such as graveyard but skipping the boss, underground sea, strand is a really good map to do if you can find it. Some maps are actually safer than most of act 3 depending on your build. Avoid devourer maps until you're confident in your cwdt+ec+ic setup, if you don't have that setup then don't do devos at all.
No trading, no partying, no problem.