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Really nice flavorful chest. Curse immunity has needed some sort of counter for a very long time as it just shuts out an entire subset of builds.

I don't think the chest is overpowered at all, no elemental resists, pure evasion which is by far the least desirable defense, and obviously no life. People are overreacting as usual when they see a strong item that doesn't cater specifically to the builds they like playing. I'd be very happy to find this, would actually make a curse build for the first time ever.
I've been playing PoE a long time, I like the lab. I'd run it more if I had a more flexible schedule. The only thing I don't like about it is that some layouts are notably more tedious than others.
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This is the first time that GGG is adding content inherent to the classes that is as potent as ascendancy classes. There is no historical precedent to refer to. So speculation is, in fact, pointless.

It's also worth noting that the labyrinth is apparently not connected to the campaign as far as I know, and if it isn't, then surely they intend on the game still being playable without the usage of ascendancy classes, which means that the hysteric buffs/nerfs that you guys are speculating on have nothing to lean on.
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