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ImXj9 wrote:
When lineage eternal and lost ark releases, there will be no POE left, sad but true.

The only time that the statement "______ is being released and when it is released poe will be dead" came even potentially close to being true was before d3 released, and then d3 released.

Anyway, I'll just answer this hypothetical as if I were GGG. If I were GGG I'd allocate the remaining funds to developing an offline version of the game. Or I'd start a new "supporter pack" kind of deal where an offline and moddable version of the game is developed.
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They don't need to revert anything.
Some act 4 mobs do too much damage, that is basically the only notable imbalance I've encountered. All of the builds I used to play are just as strong, if not stronger than before. The only real skill that got nerfed indirectly and not buffed appropriately was arctic breath. It was a decent skill to actually use before, now it's garbage used just for the chilled ground once again.
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