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A lot of cool things. Still missing a major one:

A better trading system.
oh yea, one more thing. I broke my computer chair tonight. (it leans back farther than it should). sigh................
it can't be any worse than Atziri was. no offense, but some kinda godly boss isn't exactly end game material. create an entire dungeon revolved around her and then maybe you'll finally get it. this is why people still play WoW (me not encluded, although I did play from classic through WotLK (damn I loved BC expansion)

I'll be honest, I've never even tried Atziri but I've seen videos and I know that any 6 man group can't compare with even a 10 man raid (never-the-less) a 25 man heroic raid. This is why people are willing to pay 15$ a month to play a game (not me, WotLD was far too easy and I stopped playing).

I'm drunk as hell and typing this is hell (I'm using the backspace key more than any other).

Funny story I should mention.

I was pulled over by a cop tonight with a half a beer in a cup in my cup holster. The only reason he bothered to pull me over was because he thought I was lost because I pulled unto the parking lot (which I know is closed from dusk to dawn) but I did it anyway because I love my dog and I know she'd love to get to run free at 70 degrees F.

Thankfully he didn't seeee the cup of the fact that pulled over and hit the curb when I did. He just thoguht I was lost and I told him my house was very close and he drove off.

this was 3 am and he could've easily been a dick and pulled me out and checked me for sobriety. I guess that's the end of my story since I'm fucking sick of typing.

I bet I hit the backspace key more than any other one.