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The whole point of this is to kill other players. Why not force players to join instances with other players and not allow new ones to be made if there is a non-full instance available?

I went on twitch a few minutes ago to see some PvP action and what I saw was 2 channels playing CT and neither were PvPing, just questing as normal. Defeats the entire purpose.
Jared_GGG wrote:

When I saw the pic I literally said, "what is this, some 50 thousand dollar thing?"

Pretty close I got.
This is what I'm using as it's what I've found works best for me. There are multiple media players that will work however.

Download PotPlayer - (install the additional codecs when prompted) (only the 32 bit version will work with SVP)

Download Smooth Video Project -

Set up SVP to work with PP as shown here -

Set your monitor to at least 72hz. I did this through the NVidia control panel shown here (it will still work without this step, but it'll be 60 fps instead) -

All done. However, I prefer to watch video at 1.5x speed. By default if you were to turn up the playback speed PP will work fine. However, if you lower the SVP profile to double frames (48) and turn off alternative v-sync from PP you still playback at 72 fps (48 x 1.5) but you lower the CPU load by a good deal (25%~).

Right click the SVP manager in the taskbar -> video profiles -> the res you intend on using. Change the target frame rate to 2x.

Pressing tab with PP open shows the details -

I highlighted the FPS section. 24 is original, 36 is because v-sync is turned off and playback speed is at 1.5x, 72 is the finished product with SVP.

Really happy with this. I wish I had done this earlier.
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