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DirkAustin wrote:
Can we get those backgrounds as wallpapers with a link please?
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Reduced the drop rate of Vaal Orbs.

Fantastic, another currency that will only be usable by those who can play 10 hours a day. Fuck you, GGG. Seriously. I've been playing the game since closed beta and it's worse and worse every day... You are so obsessed with balancing it for trade that you forget to make a fun game.
You know why there are more and more people playing Diablo 3? Because they removed that stupid auction house and now the game is fun and enjoyable again, because you ACTUALLY find INTERESTING loot.

I'm sick. For two years I've been defending and promoting PoE against that shit that was D3 and now you've ruined the game so much it's the other way round.
Completed 3 ChallengesBradKTA wrote:
I haven't received my MTX for my Atziri kill in invasion. I killed it today so I assume that's the reason why I may not have gotten it right away. When will I receive it?

You won't, only the first 50 people to do this will.