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Bex_GGG wrote:
Nightyb wrote:
Any chance the new rules will target pointless posts ("first" etc.)? It's horrible trying to find useful information in replies involving popular posts due to all the noise.

Yes. We already tend to remove these, but they will be covered under what constitutes spam.


7. if you weren't raging (or still QQ) you would have noticed i missed point 3

Damn you :p
Valhurien wrote:
What's worse, is all the people defending this decision, are people that have already spent hundreds.
The reason for their fanboyism is completely contradictory.

I spent 50$ once, which is the price of a standard game, plus another pack which was a gift from my girlfriend.
People have to understand that GGG can't invite everybody at once. So they either do it totally randomly and piss off some of the people who spent hundreds and thousands, or invite only people who spent hundreds and thousands and piss off players who can't afford a lot, or do both partially and piss off both... Either way the players too stupid to understand/wait will be pissed off and there is nothing GGG can do against it.