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matrix2kol wrote:
Seriously, I just dont understand why some of you guys are on GGG's side in this incident, they know about this issue for 1 WEEK, and didn't even bother to make any announcements to warn the players. Now that it had gone out of control and affected about ~300 people (which I doubt only that many), they don't even bother to do something to make it right. It's like a giant kick in the nuts to all the people that have been supporting the game.
So to sum up
"Thank you for supporting us with your donation, we will use your hard earned money to make our game better so you can enjoy it even more." and then " Oh wait, you lost your items due to a nasty bug? oh yes we knew about this bug, yes it was our fault, yes you were just a victim, but no we will not provide you with any compensation, just shut up and deal with it."

Well, as a developer, let me say that one week to find, understand AND fix such very complex bug is EXTREMELY short, so kudos to them, they did great work. It's entirely possible that they took the whole week to just understand what was happening, and just a few hours to fix the problem, preventing them to notify the players until fully comprehending what was happening. It often works that way.
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Nightyb wrote:
Any chance the new rules will target pointless posts ("first" etc.)? It's horrible trying to find useful information in replies involving popular posts due to all the noise.

Yes. We already tend to remove these, but they will be covered under what constitutes spam.


7. if you weren't raging (or still QQ) you would have noticed i missed point 3

Damn you :p