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Hate to necro but just tried Lightning warp and had the same exact glitch. I hope it gets fixed soon b/c the skill is unusable as is. I had it linked with less duration and faster casting.
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I have this gem equipped on my chr but I rarely ever use it except to traverse the map when I run out of quicksilver flasks. I really wish it was auto-shift clicked like whirling blades. I really think there should be an option to have that enabled for all movement skills. Holding shift just makes it too annoying to use most of the time for me.
Jelunzi wrote:
I don't care what the UI has as long as there are no skeletons (skeletons are my trigger).

Yess! I love you.

I went to the zoo once and a lion roared at me so I have PTSD. Can you please change the globes to flowers or something? The lion face triggers me.