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Jelunzi wrote:
I don't care what the UI has as long as there are no skeletons (skeletons are my trigger).

Yess! I love you.

I went to the zoo once and a lion roared at me so I have PTSD. Can you please change the globes to flowers or something? The lion face triggers me.
I figured I'd throw this new website out there that lets you create images of custom items.

Here's the one I made.

[Maestro's Baton](

I've had this in the back of my head for a while. I don't have 1 grand to blow on a video game but if any one wants to use I'd be honored. I thought of it after going to watch the New York Philharmonic pay Mozart's requiem.
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lol if they removed legacy items from pvp you would still bitch about mirrored items

Mirrored items are part of the game and determined to be valid and not OP. Why would I complain about that? I'm also aware ARPGs are about time investment, I just want to invest a few hours a day and max a chr out over a year rather than over a month or two. I could theoretically find a mirror in that time or find the currency to craft my own stuff. Don't kid yourself, the only ones benefiting from legacy items in pvp are people who already own them, and if you don't own them I have no idea why you'd bother trying to argue for them, cause they are simply unfair in competition (pvp). Yeah maybe I could theoretically farm 100x as long as the guy who originally found the legacy did to potentially buy it from him, but that's not really fair either. If I did own a legacy koams I know I'd never sell it.

Just in case GGG is reading this I've only logged in once or twice since SOTV because of this reason. And before someone says something to the affect of "Good riddance newb we don't care about one person". I know GGG actually likes feedback and addressing this issue would get me to play again.