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Hear, hear, not "cheap" but "relatively attainable". What a progress :) so now we wait for self found, end-game BoTW video as I understand? Watching shoppers is waste of my time.

Self found builds are very reactive to the gear they find. If someone posted an interestingbuild that was the result of a self found run in the class forums, it might be worth covering.

However, for the purposes of BotW, it is harder to do a reliable self found build. S02E04s build probably counts (which was a recommended build for the two week race).
The price change is not aboutt he balance of the crafted items, but to move thier availability slightly, and to change some of the distortion around Divine production related to six links.

There is a change around the flat physical mod which is around the accessibility of crafted weapons.

Again this is less about balance (there are more powerful items, so it isn't a balance situation as such), but decreasing the ease of access to these items.

Edit: Change increasing to decreasing, where I was saying the oppositeof what I meant.
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We are expecting to deploy this patch on Monday (NZ Time).

Version 1.2.3
  • Added three new cosmetic microtransaction pets: Blue Land Crab Pet, Formosan Deer Pet and Nursery Web Spider Pet.
  • Added a new monster, designed by a Ruler of Wraeclast supporter, to some Act Two areas.
  • Added two new Unique Maps designed by supporters.
  • We have reduced the master level required for larger hideout sizes. You can now upgrade your hideout at levels 5 and 7 (rather than 6 and 8) respectively.
  • Flasks will now refill when equipped in a hideout.
  • The secondary arrow from Tornado Shot has had its effect changed. The secondary arrow no longer leaves a permanent arrow in the environment.

Tora Missions:
  • Added new beast variations and unique bosses to Tora missions.
  • Removed the Volatile Blood mods from the list of available bonuses the corrupted beasts could have and added new mods to take their place.
  • Changed the way the Enrage on Low Life system works so it is visible before the monster reaches low life and doesn't look like a Nemesis mod when triggered.

Haku Missions:
  • The Karui spirit now has a variety of new spells it can use when it has been picked up.
  • Reworked many of the mission variations. Monsters will not always be raised or summoned and the spirit will not always have effects.
  • Variations where you start at the spirit now have a time restriction for picking up the spirit. Holding the spirit will not revive or summon monsters.
  • Removed the falling rocks variation from missions where you start at the spirit.
  • Replaced damaging totems with new totem varieties with delays between series of casts. Only one totem variation is chosen. Missions with totems cannot have more than one spirit effect.
  • Bosses now only appear on mission variations where they guard the spirit, and don't revive when the spirit is picked up.
  • Reworked some boss skill sets.
  • Removed the additional area mods.

Vagan Missions:
  • Added a new combat variation for Vagan.
  • Added new ally types for variations where Vagan fights alongside his companions.
  • Added a new duel variation where Vagan places traps before the fight.
  • Added new mods that can apply to Vagan.

Vorici Missions:
  • Exiles will now escape when you successfully complete a mission where they must survive.

Elreon Missions:
  • Added new monsters that can spawn in waves.
  • Added new Rare and Magic monster waves to Elreon missions at higher levels. Unique bosses with their own wave can sometimes appear at higher levels.
  • The life on the "Kill the Relic" mission variation has been increased greatly at higher levels.
  • Removed the Defend the Relic variation with multiple relics to defend.

  • We have rebalanced Cartographer's Strongboxes. These chests were incorrectly double-dipping on map bonuses and party bonuses. The number of people in your party no longer increases map drops from these chests. We have also reduced how often they appear, but have significantly boosted their drops. Solo players will notice a substantial boost to drops from these Strongboxes, while parties will no longer receive too many maps.
  • Herald of Ice: The shattering damage area of effect radius has been increased by 20%. The damage on shatter has been increased by 100%.
  • Reduced the number of guest monsters relative to signature monsters that can appear in several areas.
  • The rarity of higher tiers of the flat Physical Damage weapon mods have been adjusted.
  • The price of the "of Crafting" mod (which grants the ability to have multiple crafted mods) has been changed from one Divine Orb to two Exalted Orbs.
  • Elreon now correctly sells Sceptres and Staffs when in a hideout, rather than swords and axes.
  • Stun Threshold Reduction now applies to spells and secondary damage, as well as attacks.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where buying Hideout decorations from Zana when she is in the Eternal Laboratory would fail.
  • Fixed a bug where daily missions in the Industrial Docks area would have an additional broken exit portal.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.2.0 where Headhunter would not work with some mods.
  • Fixed the corrupted implicit mod that grants Assassin's Mark to correctly display as Assassin's Mark (instead of Critical Weakness).
  • Fixed a bug where shattering Shield Crabs did not correctly reduce the remaining monsters count.
  • Fixed a bug with the Dream within a Dream achievement not working in Zana maps.

EDIT: Added a patch note: We have reduced the master level required for larger hideout sizes. You can now upgrade your hideout at levels 5 and 7 (rather than 6 and 8) respectively.
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