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Version 1.1.5d
  • Enabled a timer that counts down until the release of our August mini-expansion.
  • Added microtransactions for an upcoming promotion related to the Path of Exile comic.
  • Fixed a bug where the Curse on Hit support gem would prevent Spell Echo from working.
Version 1.1.5c
  • We've added some new cosmetic microtransactions: Vampiric Body Armour Skin, Vampiric Helmet Skin, Vampiric Boots Skin and Vampiric Gloves Skin, Badge of Anguish Shield Skin and Badge of Mirth Shield Skin. There's also a bundle that contains all four Vampiric skins.
  • We have prevented league and map mods from being displayed in towns. This is to prevent confusion in leagues that change mods over time while old towns are still open.
  • Fixed a bug where minions dominated by Dominating Blow did not have their spells echoed by the Spell Echo support.
  • Fixed a bug where the 40% quality total recipe was treated as higher priority than the single 20% quality item recipe.
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.
  • Fixed a bug where Dominating Blow minions persisted past the character's death when the player opted to return to a checkpoint.
  • Fixed a bug with the interaction of the death of Shield Crabs and the Pyre unique ring.
Completed 1 ChallengePopeJo wrote:
... that does not sound like a good build.

The build handles very well in 78 maps, better than it may appear to from looking at.

It was one of those builds that comes together well, and we kept finding clever elements as we looked at it.

Your complaints about it not having single target, running more than one skill, and having five auras seem strange, as these are elements of the build. (And the raging spirits melee does a fine job of taking down most targets).