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pookyfied wrote:
I was on twitch and "Chess" the game was higher on the list than poe....chess guys.......chess.....

Was it a stream of the FIDE Grand Prix?

If so, then that is fantastic, I'll keep an eye out for it on Twitch over the next couple of days.
Killigan wrote:
Nice idea, build won't work tough. It's a 1.2.1 build with firestorm linked to multiple cast on death gems. But in patch 1.2.2 there was some change: We have restricted skills to only work with a single trigger gem at a time. Skills supported by multiple triggers will be disabled and won't work with any of them.

Why does GGG feature an outdated build anyway?

This was all done in 1.2.4 balance.

If you took the time to look at the build guide, you'd see that it runs multiple Firestorm gems.

Edit: I see you have alsopsoted in the thread, Firestorm is not a trigger, one trigger gem with multiple payloads works fine, it is the other way around that does not work.
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Completed 2 ChallengesDissolator wrote:
so helloween microtranstions from 2013 are really exclusive, but Valentine's heart from 2013 is not (but they annonced as exclusive). And no changes was made to Valentine's heart 2014 to make them different... Dear GGG, can you reconsider this? or at least give some exclusive-alternate variant for VH 2013...

"It's possible that Valentine's Heart will return at the same time next year, or maybe in a slightly different form."