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Redblade wrote:
Changed the wording on Smashing Strikes to clarify that endurance charges are only gained from melee critical strikes.

It did more than change the wording, it changed the actual behavior of the passive.

I'll update the patch-note, I had not understood that the behaviour had also changed.

We are happy with the change however. We will not be giving any respecs for builds changed in lettered patches.

Sorry for any confusion.
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Additional: After this patch, and instance only fix was deployed for the following:
  • Fixed an issue where magic packs of more than one monster could fail to have a Bloodline mod.
  • Fixed a bug where packs with Phylacteral Link would not swap their vulnerability between pack member.

The patch-notes have been updated with these additional details.
bluechipps wrote:

So this effects my EA main in PvE too then? :/

No, this in no way affects Explosive Arrow for PVE.
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