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Completed 16 ChallengesShagsbeard wrote:
You've got to realize that you're committing considerable resources to something that less than 5% of your players will ever see. I guess it's fine if you want to simply milk that population for as much as you can get, but really I think you would be much better served spending your time making the entire game much more fun for all, rather than just focusing on the encounters that people who have grown tired of the game might enjoy for a while.

The endgame elements are the specific focus of this expansion. Other expansions have had the content focused on earlier elements.
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Core Malachai has been reduced to be more in line with the other Tier 15s. He was previously kept strong to provide a serious challenge for those who want it.
He is still hard, but much of the difficulty will be in the Tier 16 maps and the Shaper's Realm.

Because it has some very interesting stuff going on in it, and it has a definitive way to feel progress.

I don't get as deep into maps as some of the others in the office, but Atlas of Worlds makes me very keen to get up to mapping in the next league.