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So there's nothing caster specific in the 2nd chest? First chest has a wand, expected a spirit shield or another wand or something, I guess instead casters will go for the endurance shield shield? Seems a bit weird. The dagger is too melee specific, the armor is also fairly melee specific. I guess the helm with the low life thing kinda works too. Meh.

Oh well the wand with clarity on it is already pretty nice and will make a nice offhand once you roll a wand with +1 fire/ice.
Noticed some inconsistencies with Witch rewards, I guess because they were changed. Here's a few screenshots of the early chests. Sadly I forgot to take screenshots of some others and I didn't get very far either so yeah.

Heart of Phrecia

Alluring= Firestorm + Freezing Pulse
Curious= Ice Nova(quality is random, disregard the superior tag on my screenshot)


Lost Cathedral

Alluring= Paua Ring, Coral Ring, Paua Amulet, 2 Orb of Transmutation 2 Orb of Augmentation


Tomb of Statues

Alluring= Minion Life, Fork, Sapphire Ring, 4 Orbs of Alteration, 1 Orb of Augmentation, 1 Orb of Alchemy, 1 Orb of Transmutation
Curious= Added Lightning Damage + Sapphire Ring and same orbs, confirmed on Rhoxx's stream


Forbidden Ruins

Alluring= Cold/Fire/Lightning Penetration, Power Charge on Crit, Minion Damage, Lesser Multiple Projectiles
Spoiler (rhoxx stream 56:28 in case the bookmark doesn't work)

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Not sure if this is intended but just died to that in merciless, she got ice form then ligthning warped into a fire portal and started chasing me down at fire speed while firing arrows.