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Johny_Snow wrote:
If lab is the future and the devs keep pushing it down our throats I see no reason to continue with this game. Its been nice and all but enough is enough. Cant believe that I am replacing this with Blizzard products(not D3, Hearthstone and Overwatch)but thats how it is. Who else is throwing the towel because of a faulty design decision?

I hate and despise the lab in normal/cruel/merciless!!

but! I do love the new uber lab finally a risk reward system that is fair! <-- My mirror Thread
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same for me I use latest version of neversink loot filter <-- My mirror Thread
I don't even know if my char is in yet. I got no char that can play that map :P if anyone can confirm its a scion with the name Helenha <-- My mirror Thread