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Completed 5 ChallengesDuxryu wrote:
@DeChaoOrdo & PaladinSMD

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. Im gonna check out the gem setups you mentioned and see how that works since it looks like the CWDT setup is going to have to be manual after A4. Ive even thought about testing Daresso's Defiance to see how that works with a steady flow of endurance charges and the onslaught buff which might work better after A4. Im just amazed at how powerful this build is and its so fun to test various changes to see if makes it even better. DeChao thanks for maintaining the posts about this build for almost a year now. More people need to experience Facebreakers!

P.S. I started mapping at 66 with 40k dps. Thats only with a 795% non-legacy Facebreaker, a 5L Belly/Carcass, and not a single 20/20+ gem. I can't wait to see this build grow!

I'm currently playing the beta and am playing a facebreaker build :) I use cwdt + warlord's mark. That way i still get enduring charges but I dont think I realy need them I'm using the curse more for the leech that it gives because with the new gem Forify you take less dmg when attacking. It works amazing I'm not very high lvl yet (62) and did not play an map yet but it seems you don't really need enduring cry + IC anymore. Also all the skill tree gems give an huge buff in dmg and survivability! I think that with 2.0 PoE Facebreakers might work better then ever!
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