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Ok so what is the long term plan now? You dont want us to get lvl 100 you dont want us to craft. You dont like us playing maps so you nerf map drops to the ground. WHAT is it you do want?
want us to play to lvl 50 and start over?

IMO you should give an better explanation of what you do want what are you aiming at? First things you should explains is what happens to people who choose a card that gives Eternal orbs? Second thing you should explain (right away with a change like this) is what are you going to change to make crafting such a pain in the ass without eternal orbs. and indirect with a change like this comes trading to mind how are you going to "improve" that yes with " because it might as well be a nerf again. I would not be surprised that you guys would stop sites like to "improve" trading...
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Jullie beiden een invite verstuurd.
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Munkehboi wrote:
Coupled with the new aura reservations it means we can run hatred, herald of ash + one more herald.
Awakening now!

That one more herald is (almost) useless ice and light only give like 1k extra dps.
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